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Alien Ant Farm Streaming New Song “Let ‘Em Know”

Alien Ant Farm have premiered their new track “Let ‘Em Know” online via The song comes from the groups upcoming (and as-yet unsuccessfully crowdfunded) new album, “Always And Forever“.


  • stantheclam

    I actually liked the first few seconds.. Havent listened to more yet

    • adamonfire

      I was digging it, then they threw in some dubstep crap. Dryden still has one hell of a voice.

      • Hotdog Fingers

        Felt the same but its really only like 10 sec. The song is pretty good. I pledged to the pre order. Only hope they put thoses songs they were playing on the tour a few years ago on it.


    Never been a big fan of these guys but this song sounds much better then their previous works.

    Sounds very similar to papa roach or P.O.D. with electronics .

  • kturl69

    AAF is a fucking killer band. The only album I didnt enjoy was UITA. That album was lackluster but this song kicks some ass. People who hate on this band because of the Smooth Criminal cover obviously never heard any of there other shit.

  • Sniki

    As much as I like the band, no wonder they aren’t reaching the needed money. Aren’t those prices really steep? Especially, considering what other bands offer via crowdfunding. $27 for a physical CD is awfully steep (I think other bands offer the “CD option” for much less, like $20 or less, iirc), And the prices go up level by level, without even including the previous ones… Just check out what Get Involved or I Is Another offered (they’re the ones I remembered right now). Not sure if they are limited by what pledgemusic offers -those 2 other bands use kickstarter-, or they’ve been advised really badly, or they have a wrong idea themselves altogether :S


      No one wants to pay even close to 20+ dollars for a cd anymore, its a rip off.

      • adamonfire

        I ordered the $30 signed/number album, looking forward to it.

  • dagger666