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Evergreen Terrace Sign With Rise Records

Evergreen Terrace have landed a record deal with Rise Records. According to a post from the label, the band are scheduled to enter the studio this spring to begin recording their new album; which should hit stores this fall.


  • J3553

    their last album had some fun songs on it. for a shitty band, they’re pretty good.

    • 00LEONIDAS00

      I didnt know whether to thumbs up or thumbs down this… Touche

  • glassJAw78

    Thought these guys had broken up, or hoped at least.

  • allichs

    How can anyone hate Evergreen Terrace? One of the most fun bands live!

    • RxInfection

      Totally agree, I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t like Evergreen Terrace, they fucking tear.

      • MARIACHI EL willX

        as a whore for this band for many years who buys all their shit I would 3rd this argument. fuck the haters. ET rule!

  • adamonfire

    They like all of my concert Instagram photos so they’re cool dudes.