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Tool To Release Limited Edition 21st Anniversary Version Of “Opiate” In March

Tool will be celebrating the 21st anniversary of their 1992 outing “Opiate” on March 26th with a limited edition re-release of the outing. According to the official press release:

“The anniversary edition is limited to 5,000 copies and features art direction by Adam Jones, illustrations by legendary artist Adi Granov and design packaging by Mackie Osborne, who has collaborated with TOOL on many albums including 10,000 Days, Lateralus and Salival as well as posters and merchandise.

The 5,000 copies will be broken down as 5 x 1,000 runs with each set featuring a variation of the exterior graphics and included bonus items which include a new stereoscopic image for fans to use with their glasses from the 10,000 Days packaging.

The packages will only be available via TOOL‘s website ( on Mar. 26 and there will be no pre-orders. A limit of three packages from each of the 5 x 1,000 versions will be in place. More details to be announced soon.”

The following piece of artwork was provided with the press release:

Tool - Opiate Teaser


  • damn

    For all the bitching Maynard does about music not selling the way it used to, they really milk their albums for all their worth. I remember I bought this piece of shit Parabola dvd at the store one time… what a fucking waste of money. It was boring as fuck, lasted like 15 minutes, and cost as much as a normal dvd. I don’t even think I gave it to anyone. Took it out of the tray and threw it into the trash can immediately. Why does Tool screw their fans?

    • MyDarkPassenger

      I also purchased this stinkfest DVD with the hope that maybe something worthwhile would be included. I think they did the same thing with the Vicarious video right? God forbid they throw a live song or two on there as an easter egg. That might really spoil the Tool image of not giving two FUCKS what any fan really wants. I am as tired of bitching and ranting about this band as you loyal fans are of hearing it, believe you me.

      • star_AD

        Right! It just seems like laziness on their part. Another perfect example, what the fuck ever happened to their “supposed” live DVD?? That was years ago though that I cared, couldn’t give TWO fucks about it now.

    • Micah J Femino

      Those Lustmord Remixes on the Tool DVD’s are the best Tool tracks ever released. Haters are gonna hate. Then again, I am on a website that keeps mentioning Limp Bizkit and Machine Head…


        The Lustmord Remixes were pretty swell, but fuck, I just downloaded that shit off the interwebz. Why would I want to pop in a DVD just to listen to some audio?

  • MyDarkPassenger

    I don’t even buy NEW records for the privelege of seeing the artwork anymore. What chance does a 21 year old album have? Are they even bothering to have someone remaster it or, I don’t know, put something never-before-heard on the damn thing? I think there will be some room left on the CD for extras, guys. I love this band and always will but fuck they make some stupid ass decisions. The saddest part is these discs that will likely be WAY overpriced for an EP will sell out within 30 seconds. But hey, enjoy fellas.

  • goop

    Agreed, they could at least release the entire live show that Jerk Off and Cold and Ugly were lifted from.


    No new or unheard material? No thanks.

    Having said that, I’m sure this will sell out almost instantaneously. So, good for them?

  • defdude462

    what a bunch of tools for this gay release
    art cool but no music ???
    maybe that twenty minute song or whatever your all working on is dumbing them all down
    hooker with a penis aka ogt


    After I got burned with the Lateralus album I gave up on these ass clowns. Overrated as fuck and haven’t put out a decent album since 1996. You can bitch and complain about my comment all you want but, let’s face it, they don’t know how to channel their talent properly.

    • cma3585

      What, you didn’t enjoy the last 30 mins of filler on Lateralus?? Shit’s brilliant, these guys are ARTISTS, you just don’t get it man.

      • WURST

        Clearly that was sarcasm but I hear almost that exact shit from people being serious. The ONLY time I have even halfway enjoyed a Tool album (post-Aenima) is when an old roommate decided to throw on Tool while we were all shroomin’. As cheesy and cliche as it was, it was the only time anything of theirs sounded good.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      Lateralus is without a doubt one of the top ten modern rock albums of all time and I bitch about these assholes more than anyone.

    • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

      Spoken like a true Puciato

      • dmoe


  • jayofdajungle

    I’m so fucking over this band right now, especially MJK. This is coming from a guy whose band pretty much lost interest in writing original songs because we wanted to learn Lateralus front to back The amount of hero worship that dude gets is infuriating, especially as shitty as he treats his fans.. It’s not like he’s given up music to stomp grapes, he’s still making Puscifer albums. Danny Carey should threaten to beat the shit out of him if he doesn’t come to the studio. Then again who needs a Tool album, we get to hear Maynard sing “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Worst cover ever.

    • dontdoghb

      Worst cover ever was Imagine by APC. I pretend that entire album never happened.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      Ya Bohemian Rhapsody is many times more palatable than anything on eMotive not called Passive.


        Counting Bodies Like Sheep and Annihilation were pretty fucking awesome as well if you ask me. The rest of that thing was a complete clunker. Don’t know how they got away with playing it live in full a few years back.

      • jayofdajungle

        I wouldn’t have gone to the eMotive night for free. Had to be the most boring show ever.

  • dmoe

    So it’s just a straight repackaging and the album isn’t remastered or contain any extra unheard tracks? Milk them titties.

  • Bleedsfromthesky

    Lots of hate for Lateralus, but that album was solid. 10,000 Days on the other hand was horrid.

  • coolguy2424

    Tool are a bunch of filthy trolls. They get fans hopes up and then take massive troll shits all over their stupid faces. A live dvd was promised for fucking years and nothing has yet to be released. Tool is possibly the worst band of all time due to their publicist. Hire and fire that asshole stat.