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Drug-Fueled Details Emerge Regarding CKY Guitarist Chad I Ginsburg’s Exit From Fuckface Unstoppable

While he didn’t provide the details himself, CKY guitarist Chad I Ginsburg has pointed fans to a diary kept of Fuckface Unstoppable‘s recent touring which saw him exit the band.

The diary, which can be found at this location, was kept by the bands tour manager and sheds some light on the apparent drug and alcohol fueled antics that led to Ginsburg‘s departure. Ginsburg tweeted of the diary: “More about why I had to leave the tour and tour stories written by someone on the tour our tour manager.”

A particularly troubling excerpt from the diary can be read below:

“Looking through Rhys’s footage I can almost see a tale of self-destruction rather than a group of crazy guys having a good time. I’m no expert, in fact I am wrong a fair bit – but I can see two things happening; Bam will either die within the next year if he keeps going the way he is going. Now as a friend of Bam’s I don’t want to see that happening, and neither do his close friends and family. “I’m worried that I’ll get a call waking me up at night and it will be a bad one” said April Margera on the phone to me, worried about her son, a brother, and a friend of many.”

Fuckface Unstoppable consist of professional skateboarder/daredevil Bam Margera and various members of CKY.


  • Lifeseclipse

    Whenever I read the phrase, “drug fueled” , it makes me think of guys pulling into stations and pumping drugs into something. But this usually happens when I am on an alcohol fueled rampage.

  • Sam Eagle

    Smells like a publicity stunt.

    • badfish

      or a guy who is on a downward spiral from losing his Best friend. I know If my best friend died id probably doing the same shit he is doing. Especially when you’ve known that person all your life. Did you see the video of bam when Ryan Dunn Died? Guy was out of his mind. And they are all in that circle of friends of CKY. I hope he gets over it. Id rather not see another one of those guys die. Or anyone for that matter.

      • WURST

        I dont think it as much to do with Dunn’s death as you’d think. Bam’s just a junkie, it’s no secret, and it was going on long before Dunn’s untimely death.

      • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

        Wasn’t he a known junkie/all around pain in the ass before but people tolerated it because he made money and now doesn’t?

      • jg566

        @GordontLight I don’t understand ur comment….btw you should google Bam Margera net worth.

      • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

        Net worth is bullshit. Just like Randy Blythe is worth 14 million but really gets $200,000 a year?

      • jg566

        Not sure of the reason why Randy’s is so high but it’s pretty clear that Bam is outta control rich! Just sayin’ …. he does whatever he wants whenever.

  • 40yroldPuNk

    Sounds like someone likes that bulge that’s sticking out of Bams pants and its not his money im talking about.

  • Juan Collins

    I’ve done smack with bam we left the Melbourne gig drove to Richmond flats and he bought an ounce of China White Novak shot 2 grams I couldn’t fucking believe it by the morning he asked if I could get another I got it for $3500 but I charged him $12,000…and used a butt load for nothing dumbass, I’m clean now I be the ain’t