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Drummer Josh Freese Exits A Perfect Circle

Drummer Josh Freese is officially out of A Perfect Circle. Announcing the news via his Twitter earlier today, he offered:

“After 13 years, I’ve decided to leave @aperfectcircle with no plans of returning. Apologies to those inquiring about the upcoming shows.”

No word yet from the bands camp on the matter or any permanent replacements—though it appears as though Jeff Friedl will likely continue to hold the spot.


  • jg566

    He’s a great drummer and has done awesome records but…..Leave APC and join a Sublime cover band?? Why?


    Wow. That statement sounds so definitive. If you read between the lines, you get the sense that there’s bad blood somewhere.

    It’s shocking, really. This guy has played with everyone from Social Distortion to 3 Doors Down and Weezer to Nine Inch Nails. He seems to get along with EVERYONE.

    • jampola

      Having met the dude (some 10 years ago now) I can confirm this statement. Can’t say for sure if he’s the same awesome guy now but I wouldn’t doubt it.

  • star_AD

    Don’t blame him for leaving. The guy will get paid waaaaay more as a touring/session musician then he will for A Perfect Circle, who tours and records very far and few. I love APC but the guy just wants to stay busy. Plus, we all know what a arrogant prick Maynard can be so……

    • aporia

      Agreed. I watched some interview years ago where Maynard basically called Freese an amazing drummer, but a moron in general.

  • dmoe

    Josh is an amazing drummer and a super nice guy. Dude has to make money does what he likes. Can’t stick around waiting for Maynard to become “inspired”. I always love when Josh plays for The Vandals.

  • ocillotist

    guy is the definition of “solid drummer”

  • SNIP3R

    Josh has never blown my mind, but like ocillotist said, he’s very solid. He’s also really fun to watch too, seeing APC at Red Rocks should’ve been the best APC show I’ve seen, but it was the worst because of Freidl and all the emotive tracks.

    Freese is a huge loss, but the worst part about this is that Freidl will probably take his place. I will never understand how Puscifer went to Freidl from Tim Alexander and APC from Freese.

  • gonsa

    he even recorded the album shadown zone from static-x