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Mike Patton Speaks On Possible New Faith No More Material

Mike Patton was recently interviewed by While the conversation largely centered around his work with Mondo Cane, the topic of potential new Faith No More material did come up.

On that Patton stated:

“We’re pretty happy with just touring. There was talk, ‘Should we write new stuff?’ and we all looked at each other and said ‘Nahhh, fuck it.’ We did work up one new little thing and that was really energizing.”

The “new little thing” referenced above is thought to be the song commonly referred to as “Matador“—which they performed at numerous live shows in the past few months.



    “Nahhh, fuck it.”? Nice attitude, you prick. First, they reunite and purposely only tour sparingly in the US/Canada, and now this shit. Stay in Europe, dickhead.

  • Dixon Cider

    Yes….lets play the saaaame shit, show after show after show……it was nice for awhile, but this “reunion”….has gone stale and tired.

  • dillinger1

    You know man back in the day id say around 1989-1997 basically the Patton years, I remember seeing them back in 95′ touring the King For A Day album and they played to a midsized audience at the then Warehouse(Government) where as Europe and U.S were bringing in much larger audiences bigger venues to capacity. Canadian audiences and promoters couldn’t give 2 shits about them then, so why should they now, they were ahead of their time Grunge was everywhere and no one took notice of the band(Canada) that in my opinion influenced hundreds perhaps thousands of bands globally.

    • WURST

      Let me edumucate you, son. Here’s why European shows are at way bigger venues. In Europe, the countries arent even close to the size of the US and Canada, they’re way smaller. For instance, you may have a show in Switzerland but people from neighboring countries like France, Germany, Italy, etc would be willing to take a 1-3 hr train ride to see a band for the equivalent of about $20 USD. Just because said show is in Switzerland doesnt mean only Swiss fans will attend. With this in mind, bigger venue shows are booked.

      • dillinger1

        Good point however, the point i am trying to make was it wasnt the venues that are in question its the audience. Why was/is an outpouring of fans demanding a NA tour? I havent heard of any? and believe you me I listen to stuff like this. South American were going crazy when they were going to play chile and Buenos Aires..Give a shit and guarantee they will

      • WURST

        Yes, sorry. I zoned off on a tangent there.

  • dillinger1

    Let me just clarify something though their were a small cult following in the toronto area at that time. But again in the toronto area Grunge or as i call it regional music Sloan Tragically Hip I Mother Earth and countless others were slaying campus and mainstream radio at that time, their were metal fans and hardcore fans, however they were marginalized. Maybe Epic played countless times on mainstream radio which I was getting seriously sick of and when Angel Dust was release NOT 1 Track was ever aired on the radio in southern ontario (canadas biggest market) even M.E A T magazinegod iam dating myself trashed Angel Dust saying it was a massive dissapointment. went onto being their most well recieved album amongst there you have it. Thats why I think FNM havent toured atleast Canada on the recent reunion tour..there i said it!

  • Dixon Cider

    what does any of this have to do with new material?

    What hes saying is that theyre pretty much happy mailing it in and gettin paid. boooorrriiiiing


    I’m bummed but not surprised in the slightest. This reunion has really just been a long, overdue paycheck for the guys. I’ll just have to go back to the FNM records and pretend they never reunited in the first place, the way it was for over a decade mind you.

  • wearesorta138

    If all they do is tour from time to time then game on. Just wish they’d head back to the states and do a proper run.

    Far as the no new music aspect. Patton also said at one point that FNM were best left alone and no amount of money would get them to reunite. Ten years later they start touring again. It could be next year they go “well, maybe an E.P would be cool” and pump out four bitchin’ songs soon to be ripped off by another generation of bands.

    • star_AD

      Totally with you on this. Similar to the Refused reunion, I don’t mind if they leave the legacy alone. Hey, why the hell not, they deserve that paycheck.

  • Geor!

    Reminds me of the scam the Pixies carried out in the mid-2000s. I’d like to see the battle of egos between Frank Black and Mike Patton.


      What “scam”? Fanboys and their lofty expectations are stupid.

  • dmoe

    More Tomahawk please.