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DJ Lethal Rips Into Former Limp Bizkit Bandmates, Labels Them “Sell Out Money Hungry Slaves”

Ousted Limp Bizkit DJ, DJ Lethal has unloaded on the band and its frontman Fred Durst. It was initially thought that he was benched from the bands current Europen tour amid allegations of substance abuse. The band are currently touring with Franko Carino in Lethal‘s place and it appears that Lethal won’t be returning.

Venting today (May 27th) on his Twitter in both conversations and directed rants (check his account for more context,) Lethal let loose on his now former bandmates. Some highlights include:

“I’m nobody’s dj. I am me. I’m no kiss ass. I would rather die than be a slave !! Respect that!!”

I respect that. But it’s not a democracy. Don’t believe the hype. It’s one man. The rest follow like sell out money hungry slaves.

respect it all. Personally I’ve been degraded and disrespected big time. It’s personal now.

…I tried to lay low. But the MAN with self respect and dignity could hold back!! Call it childish or immature. Through thknthn

I’m really sorry mostly to the fans because one man is a tyrant control freak. #Napoleon !!

as long as you know that’s not what the “man” cares about. I live for fans he lives for himself TRUTH. That’s where the problem is

…I’ve been berated. Made too look like a drug addict. Truth is I stood up for my self

…Truth is I stood up to fred. Simple. He’s a tyrant slave driver

Im saying way too much but respect the truth. After the disrespect there’s no going back. I would rather beg for bread than kiss ass. !!!!!!

Drugs?!???we all know who had a “drug” problem. The problem was I had a fight with fred and let him know my feelings. #Truth

So I’ll never be welcome back. But I will not be someone’s slave and not be me. Too bad. TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!!! I’m grateful but undo not owe

I hope you know that this is it!! I will never go back to fake ass money hungry settle for anything desperate no comradery. Snakes and rats!

Im sorry to the fans most if all. Never meant to hurt you. But it’s not a band when one man controls all. #democracy

I actually wish them well. But I don’t follow any man. I Am a mAn. And a solid person. Never quit.missed a show!!

I tried to be cool.after the disrespect the torture. The lies. The cover ups. The ass kissing.theres no going back. True colors show. $$$$$$

…Fred’s ego is too big to help a friend in need. I tried boy I tried. I gave it all I had.

Yeah I’m pissed right now. It’s like a long relationship gone bad. Too bad. Life goes on. One man cares about on man. No team. All kiss ass

I never quit. Been there since day 1. There’s a lot behind the scenes no body knows. I’m not gonna rat on anybody. I NEVER LEFT!!

the only one breaking the “family” and “fans” up is fred durst. Everyone else has no voice and follows his lead!!

I txt fred maybe times. No answer. His ego is too big. He said maybe after summer. Sorry does not work for me. I TRIED

they said ” time heals all wounds” but I’m not going back as a employee following a dictators orders. I rather be a bum

love you guys. Enjoy the fred durst and friends concerts. He’s still a good front man.

I mean. 13 shows a year?!?!? Wtf. Makes you think one man is more comfortable taking more $ while the rest of the band struggles

there’s no coming back. This will be the real final straw. But to me the final straw was the last few concerts.”



    DJ Lethal: Bring it on!

  • JohnnyB4439

    Gotta “Keep Rollin”.

  • AMeN

    He sounds like a bitch, also he was probably drinking, these posts look all too similar to my ex girlfriends texts

    • satansbakesale6

      wow im surprised it wasn’t you boyfriend who txt you like that.

    • DRobishow

      That shit was hard to read. I got 2/3 through and figured I got the gist.

  • skizem

    More like DJ Need-A-Class-On-Writing….yeah, that’s all I got.

  • coolguy2424

    Is this dude related to Randy Blythe?

  • FarBeyondDriven

    “Sell Out Money Hungry Slaves”

    I really didn’t need Lethal to tell me that, I sorta had it figured out for myself… yet, somehow, me thinks the lady doth protest to much… maybe he does have a drug problem?

  • Fred Burst

    It’s funny how he had no problem being a “Sell Out Money Hungry Slave” until he no longer had that as an option.


  • MyDarkPassenger

    These all just scream drunk and/or high.

    • Moxy? Oh, Brian

      not really. they actually scream ‘semi-illiterate white trash’ more than anything else. there’s a lotta people who get high all the time and manage to put sentences together properly…i’m amazed how much Lethal disses sound like 14 year old Bizkit fan disses…

  • southpawchew

    i guess being a dj he TRIED mixing his words?

  • DeadHearts

    Fuck that “band” and fuck him. I did get a good laugh trying to read through that gibberish coming down off of LSD lulz.

    • adamonfire

      Oh you drop LSD? How cool.

      • ballsofmetal

        I’m sure there’s a Willy Wonka meme for that one lol.

    • jayofdajungle

      what’s wrong with LSD?

  • nickygoods

    someone not only “came out of hiding” but also just started using a computer, and someone is still living in the glory days of the LB cuz this motherfucker seems to still be using windows 97!

  • EyeOfEveryScorn

    If Lethal doesn’t slave up and get over it, he ain’t gonna be holdin’ the gold for much longer.

  • DeadHearts

    Hey now I was not trying to brag or anything just simply being honest.

  • Moxy? Oh, Brian

    the whole ‘people who get high are so lame’ thing is Super refreshing and not a high-school kid approach to things at all, btw. i’m sure Lethal’s a loser because he does drugs…and not because he’s an almost 40 year old white guy who wants people to call him ‘Lethal’…

    • frog

      someone’s a defensive pothead….

      • Moxy? Oh, Brian

        …and someone’s a narrow-minded Conservative.

  • jayofdajungle

    Coming soon to a rock ‘n roll fantasy camp near you

  • Farts

    Who the fuck cares?!?! Well, you know, besides all of you 40+, single, more than likely overweight, toll-booth workers. Seriously, the level of “pathetic” on this website is absolutely staggering.

    • DRobishow

      I think Farts needs some lovin’. Not self-lovin’, I mean. :D

  • DRobishow

    Also, wook – can you screw off with the Snorg banner ads? I’m trying to get some work done and that girl always gets me… you know… distracted.

    • jayofdajungle

      The Full Sail University chick is super hot

  • picobo

    I feel that you shouldn’t get involved in an intimate relationship,
    Until you are emotionally mature enough to handle it totally,
    Able to cope with your feelings and your sexuality,
    Without guilt, inhabition or phoniness,
    But with love, tenderness and honesty!