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Glassjaw Live DVD In The Works

@glassjawband Work continues on a forthcoming Glassjaw live DVD being put together by Sitcom Soldiers (Hyro Da Hero, Funeral For A Friend). A new update regarding the project from the latter can be found below:

“one year in still working on the @glassjawband live DVD… progress is slow on this one.. but there is light at the end of this tunnel”



    Should be pretty awesome, unless there are interviews with Daryl. In which he would sit around and talk like he’s fuckin’ John Lennon.

    • Surly

      “In which he would sit around and talk like he’s fuckin’ John Lennon.”

      Very good.

      • jayofdajungle

        woo woo, correction police. wouldn’t it be talk like he’s John Fucking Lennon. Please thumbs down me, I deserve it.

      • WURST

        No. I meant he would sit around and talk about how he pre-lubes before fucking his John Lennon replica doll.

    • jayofdajungle

      Touche good sir


    Only Glassjaw could take a year putting together a live DVD. Should be good, but I hope it’s not another one of those deals where you have to go to a show to get it. I know it pained me to download Coloring Book illegally when I would have GLADLY paid for it. Note to Glassjaw: Remove collective head from ass.

    • jampola

      C’mon, a year is like a week in Glassjaw time.

    • karlgrz

      Truth. Maybe 2 weeks…

    • BloodyBoneKummer

      But you didn’t have to pay for the cd..should have paid for a show ticket.


        I would gladly have gone to a show had they come anywhere near me. I’m pretty sure the closest they came on that tour was like 4 hours away on a weeknight. Can’t really swing that.

      • BloodyBoneKummer

        That sucks, I made a 3.5 hr trip to go see it..was all snowy and shit too..walked in the second they opened with “So you think..”


    this news makes me hard!

  • jampola

    I came.

    • picobo

      po arrelimpiate menol que eso no ta de na…

  • karlgrz

    That Coloring Book tour was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen (Metro in Chi-town). I’m jealous of you east coasters with the Worship & Tribute front-to-backs.

    That being said, I’d love to overpay to get this DVD for free at a show. The atmosphere at the CB show was awesome. Tickets were surprisingly cheap, too.

    • philippeletigre

      That was a damn good tour. They kicked all kinds of ass in Memphis, TN. I hadn’t seen them since touring EYEWTKAS. Great crowd, GREAT PERFORMANCE. One of my best concert experiences ever.

  • jayofdajungle

    I’m headed to both nights, it would be cool if the DVD was of those W/T shows. With a Coloring Book encore…that would be dope

    • jayofdajungle

      I suppose that would be an impossibility if they are a year into making it. Unless they had that future camera from the Dave Chappelle show…

  • thirdeye462

    It’ll probably only be available to people who were at the show it was filmed at and then given to them only at the exclusive show that it’s available.

  • Fred Burst

    Where is this “News” coming from? There’s literally nothing else about this on the entire internet other than on this site, and sites that picked it up from this site.

    Can I get a link? I see that it says “@Glassjawband”, So I would assume it’s on Twitter, But I couldn’t find it on the page, Plus I stopped following that Twitter when Daryl and Beck (via his Wife’s account) both said that Twitter @Glassjawband account, Despite being verified, Has nothing to do with the band and neither of them have a clue who runs it.

    Not trying to sink anyone’s battleship, As I’m just as excited as most of you are, But I’d just like something a litte more official.