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Tool Book Two Shows For January

According to new listings on, Tool have booked two shows for next month. Those dates include:

01/17 Tucson, AZ – Tuscon Arena
01/18 Albuquerque, NM – Tingley Coliseum

Official word on the shows from the bands camp has yet to surface.


  • Aggroculture

    Uh oh. I’d rather they tour when they have something new to show us: a new album, for example.

    • dmoe

      Maynard has to fund his adult grape juice business somehow

  • grandunion

    Why on earth would Tool chose to work on the follow up to 10,000 days when Maynard is busy pushing Conditions of My Parole and touring on Emotive? Next album should be called “Another 10,000 Days”

  • star_AD

    Ha I bet you it’s gonna be the SAAAAME fucking setlist they used from 5.5 years ago. Be cool and like play Aenima in it’s entirety or some shit. Change it up. ANYTHING.

  • snakebyte

    I agree with star_AD. I saw them in 2006, 2007, and 2009. Same fucking setlist each time! They might have switched around a song or two, but it’s getting pretty stale. I’m not going to say rush an album out because I’d rather hear quality; but if you’re going to keep touring, do something fresh so it’s worth seeing. Seems like they are just cashing in without putting any effort into it.

  • mjclementz

    I, um, THIRD that. I went to a show in like 07 and then watched from a distance as they performed the exact same set for the next 4 years. They actually came through here twice but why pay for a movie you’ve already seen once before? It basically amounts to the same thing. A lot of really hardcore fans talk about the religious experience they have when they go to Tool shows, which is pretty ridiculous but about the only thing comparable to seeing this band more than once an album cycle–people go to church week in week out to hear the same crap regurgitated too.

    Enough with the shows, make an album, make it better than the last, and let’s all move on with life. You guys OWE me that. I bought like 4 of your records so you OWE me what I want to see out of you goddammit.

    • lateraleye789

      I had what you could probably call a religious experience at a Tool show but that was cause of the mushrooms I ate + the visuals & music. All the other times I saw them it was pretty awesome, even with close to the same setlist, but hardly religious. They put on some of the best shows that I’ve seen, now they just need to finish their damn album. I agree though I’ve seen basically the same setlist like 5 or 6 times but I still enjoy seeing them live.

  • thinkintriplets

    Dates are no longer showing…

  • Bob Ross

    They seriously play the same setlist every stop of the tour. Tool is my favorite band and they put on a really good show. But seeing them more than once a tour is pointless. Especially at $60+

  • violetep

    You all should be ashamed for bitching like this. Tears welled up in my eyes when I saw the headline for this article.

  • mjclementz

    That’s because you’re a super-fan. It’s OK to have a differing opinion. I for one would just like to see some variety. When you go to a NIN show, for example, you NEVER know exactly what you’re going to get. Sure the setlist consists largely of staple hit songs, but blended in our some deep tracks that may have not been played live in a decade or more. That’s giving the fans what they want and challenging your band to come through night after night. The safe approach is playing the same set for 4+ years so you can be sure you’ll hit every note right on cue. It’s not what I’d call spineless, but it’s a bit selfish in nature and completely pedestrian. That said, it’s about the only thing pedestrian about a Tool show.

    • lateraleye789

      I’ve never seen NIN but does Reznor put all the videos and stuff up like Tool does? I always kinda figured that was why the setlist stayed pretty much the same. Programming all the lasers and making all the visuals different is probably too labor intensive to change it up multiple times on a tour. But yeah, it’s been almost the same since 2006, you’d think they could’ve changed it at least once or twice.

  • violetep