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Bury Your Dead Part Ways With Frontman, Mat Bruso Rejoins The Band

As previously rumored, Bury Your Dead have parted ways with frontman Myke Terry, who now intends to pursue a solo career. He has since been replaced by previous Bury Your Dead frontman Mat Bruso. The following press release was issued by Terry‘s camp on the matter:

“Richmond, VA, January 17, 2011 — Myke Terry continues recording new music as an independent artist in the wake of his unplanned departure as frontman of Bury Your Dead in late 2010. The band, on hiatus since April of 2010, recently began work on a new album to be released on Mediaskare Records.

This sudden exit is the outcome of stalled contract negotiations between Bury Your Dead founder, Slim, and Mediaskare Records, which after careful review by Terry’s management team, were not in his best interest. Mediaskare, unwilling to renegotiate with Terry, instead made a decision they arguably were not in a position to make, and hired Mat Bruso (Bury Your Dead‘s previous vocalist) to complete the record.

His exit from the band leaves Myke free to focus on his forthcoming solo material that will feature not only his songwriting but also his musicianship. The project is sure to please anyone that was a fan of his work with Bury Your Dead, new listeners will appreciate its balance of rock and soul while finding the depth of an established artist in Myke Terry‘s music. Terry also plans to collaborate outside the rock genre, further expanding his musical breadth.

In response, Terry had this to say: “After spending over three years with Bury Your Dead, becoming a family, and almost losing our lives together I would think that we would all have each other’s backs better than this. I never thought someone who hadn’t sweat, bled, or cried with us would have the power to dictate the inner workings of our band. I’d like to thank everyone that bought a Bury Your Dead CD, came to a show, or played with us for making the past few years of my life so amazing and I look forward to my future as a solo artist. I”m sure everyone who has ever chanted ‘bring Back Bruso’ is now stoked for his return. ”

For the latest information on Myke’s project, visit and subscribe to his RSS feed, follow him on Twitter (@therealmyketerry).”


  • hXcDUFF83

    this is a turn for the best for byd and it makes sense seeing they lost so many fans due to the complete 180 direction they took w/ myke. i for one am extremely happy mat is back.

  • will

    I am happy about this. too bad ^^^ is also.

  • Stooge

    Always been a big BYD fan. I didn’t mind Myke’s vocal diversity, not suitable for BYD though. ‘Bring Back Bruso’?? Damn straight!!! : )

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    Thumbs up. I did like self-titled, though.

  • SteveTango

    EPIC WIN!!! Bruso will bring back the heavy.

  • hXcDUFF83

    wow will we agree. and civilly as well. should we sing com by ya?

  • Relentless_Beating

    This is the best news for BYD fans in a long time. Myke was good, but not as a BYD singer.

  • Relentless_Beating

    I think you mean Kumbaya buddy.

  • Stooge

    @ Relentless_Beating. Agreed : ) By the sounds of it he got the sore end of the deal too. I’ve seen BYD once with Terry fronting & thought he did an awesome job covering all the Bruso era songs, which made up the majority of their set. I think he’s an underrated, under-appreciated artist & hope he’s solo stuff is well received. He deserves it, considering the poor handling of his dis-missile. That being said, BRUSO RETURN = FUCK YEAH!!!! 8=====D

  • blindtrip

    The fact that Terry has his “own mgt team” is ridiculous and to think they have to negotiate with the label to keep him in the band? lol…it sounds to me like the band didn’t want him there and didn’t want to tell him. SO, the label took the “legal” road and kicked him out for both the band and label’s best interest.

    BURY YOUR FUCKING DEAD….remember when that use to mean something in their live show?

  • Kent Brockman

    Hopefully their next album will consist of title tracks named after John Travolta movies.

  • allichs

    Great news! I’m glad Mat is back.

  • TCxHC

    Words cannot express my happiness. The first hardcore band I have ever seen is now a hardcore band again… And in mediaskare?! Very cool. Fuck Victory.

  • Kevin7thsunn

    i couldnt be happier

  • dtlmetal

    He talks about handling things as a band, yet has his own management that wanted a seperate deal. Irony? And…”I”m sure everyone who has ever chanted ‘bring Back Bruso’ is now stoked for his return. ” Hahaha…dude, you sound like my 6 year old.

  • nickmongonijr

    Nice. Although I did dig they self titled they made with Myke.

  • PDXposeur

    This is all because I listened to “You Had Me at Hello” 2 days ago for the first time in about 5 years…’re all welcome.

  • KamuiX

    I’m well aware that BYD has always been generic breakdown metalcore, but with Mat, it was some of the most vehemently chest-thumping music of that time. Whenever I needed a pick me up, on went Cover Your Tracks. So, this is very welcome news.