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Sample Of New Emmure Track “Demons With Ryu” Available

A sample of Emmure‘s soon to be released digital single for their new track “Demons With Ryu” can be heard over at Amazon. The song will be released this coming Tuesday, January 18th. The bands new album “Speaker Of The Dead” will follow, arriving in stores on February 15th through Victory.


  • Kent Brockman

    As much as I enjoyed Goodbye to the Gallows, Emmure’s later albums failed to improve or build upon their sound. Felony was an outright disappointment, and every sample I hear from Speaker of the Dead has failed to impress me. I’m seriously hoping for a return to form, but feel that I’ll be let down once again.

  • AMeN

    Why do you think the Lionetti brothers left the band? Because this is a sinking ship, I mean they fucking tour with attack! attack! for christ sakes, a van flip is definitely in order.