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A Day To Remember Perform On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, Footage Available

A Day To Remember were the musical guests on last nights (January 11th) episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!“. You can watch them perform their track “All I Want” on the show below:


  • ballsofmetal

    Now, I’m no expert but is it me or does it look like their amps aren’t even turned on? Cause that would just be an epic fail lol.

  • the hidden agenda

    I think you’re right. That doesn’t mean they didn’t go direct, but then, why even bring the amps at all?

  • Surly

    That guys stubble must really chafe his woman out….

  • mongolianchopsquad

    Sounds 100% Live to me, but I’m not sure about the amps in the back. I’m pretty sure that they’re playing live, at least on direct.

  • allichs

    who cares if it’s live when the song is crap?