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New Rage Against The Machine Album Allegedly In The Works

Rumors of a new Rage Against The Machine album being in the cards have begun to pick up steam lately with various fansites citing a recent Spanish interview with frontman Zack de la Rocha as the source.

In the interview, which can be hastily translated through Google, de la Rocha is alleged to say that the group have a new album in the works for a summer 2011 release.


  • rasputinmetalguy

    I use google translate to translate english into spanish. it’s not right all the time, from what I’ve been told.

  • will

    PLEASE!!!! (maybe tom can lay it down now that his wack riffs are elsewhere)

  • adamonfire

    Fuck yeah, tour plz.

  • MidnightMachete

    Lucky for me, I know Spanish. Damn. Zack is not only eloquent when speaking English, but also Spanish. I can’t wait for the new album to drop. I’m hoping Tom Morello saved his best riffs for RATM.

  • AMeN

    New RATM album would be a great belated Christmas present

  • Lern2Swim

    I honestly don’t give a fuck anymore. Their politics are retarded and their music has taken a backseat to their politics since their 2nd album. Yawn.

  • planetdeath

    I dont believe it till I see it. Would be nice!

  • southpawchew

    i loved um but the musics a little repeditive but new stuff may be cool as long as it dosent sound like one day as a lion that was a big fucking waste of money and morello sorta annoys me with his guitar its always effect driven solos just like that fag from u-2 but yeah lets here some new shit boys!!!

  • robichaud1

    Interesting to see if there’s still some fire left. Even if this is a cash-in reunion, I’d go see it.

  • TattooPanda

    Lern2Swim said it perfectly. Who cares. They threw their credibility out the window long ago, letting their politics infect their music. Besides their politics are just ridiculous.

  • Mr Snrub

    I need some new pants.

  • HonoluluBlueBalls

    Sorry Panda, RATM’s music has been politically driven since the first album. Straying from that would effect their credibility. Your comment makes no sense. And just because their political ideas don’t align with what your redneck father has instilled in you, doesn’t make it ridiculous. Bring on the new Rage album, it’s only a fucking decade overdue.

  • Lern2Swim

    Honolulu, you fail to understand the point. There’s a difference between expressing your politics through your music and allowing your politics to overpower your music. Starting around the time after Evil Empire released, RATM moved into the latter category. That’s why everything they released after that was weak.

    Also, the redneck comment is fucking retarded. So, the only possible political stances are socialist and redneck? You’re an idiot. I know, with your obviously limited intellect, you’re assuming that anyone who agrees with these commies must be a right wing nut. That just goes to show how ill informed you must be which, in turn, would go a long way to explaining why you wouldn’t take issue with RATM’s politics. Any fucking libertarian in this world would puke at the mention of the bullshit politics that RATM spew from their fucking cushy lives.

    The only way this would impress me is if they donate every fucking cent earned from the album to charity (like their politics dictate they should have been doing all along rather than get rich off it like the fucking hypocrites they really are)

  • AJP

    If this is real and not another one of theprp’s April fools jokes, then we must remember how they take their sweet time in the studio. Self-Titled released in 92, then Evil Empire in ’96, then BOLA in ’00. If that is the case, unless they already have the shit written, I’m not going to expect it till “the guilty parties” are in their mid-forties.

  • HonoluluBlueBalls

    Lern2Swim, you have no business calling anyone an idiot. You could only aspire to be as educated as someone like myself. Your rant has only made you appear more ignorant. Here’s proof of that fact. You write: “you’re assuming that anyone who agrees with these commies must be a right wing nut” First of all, the redneck comment was a joke. Second of all, you do realize that Communists and right-wing nuts couldn’t be more different in their views, right? Also, you have inaccurately equated socialism with communism. This is a common theme amongst the brainwashed masses. There are very distinct differences between the two ideals. Furthermore, RATM’s music has always been about the message first and the music second. The music just happens to be very good, which is why they have been so amazingly successful over the years. The common themes that tie RATM’s music together are putting an end to injustice, ending the shady backdoor business dealings of politicians, putting an end to wars that are fought under false pretenses in order to benefit the wealthy minority, and exposing corruption and making our leaders accountable for their actions. You don’t have to be a socialist to agree with these ideas, but it would take an idiot to discount them. On a final note, you obviously aren’t aware of the fact that Morello possesses a political science degree from Harvard and has always been active in politics. Apparently you have a strange definition of hypocrisy.

  • HonoluluBlueBalls

    Oh yeah, my apologies to Panda. I should have definitely directed my original comment at Lern2Swim.

  • buttcrackguy

    That would have been a great rant… if you were writing a paper for your political science class at the University of Phoenix. Rage write songs for children about politics in third world countries and make people think that Che Guevara is cool. Doesn’t matter if you swing to the left or right, these guys and what they stand for are bullshit.

  • HonoluluBlueBalls

    Is the US a third world country? I ask because much of RATM’s lyrics are aimed directly at the US political system. Nice try though. I probably should have known better than to bring up politics around a bunch of high school dropouts who hang out at theprp. For the record, I actually minored in political science at an accredited university as an undergrad. If anyone has an opinion that isn’t complete ignorance and can actually bring something to the table, please share. Otherwise I’m off this thread. I don’t care if you disagree with me, many intelligent people do, but at least try to bring a fact or two to the table. Life is too short to argue with the stubborn and uneducated.

  • cma3585

    “…but at least try to bring a fact or two to the table.”

    The only “fact” you’ve brought to the table is that Socialism and Communism don’t go hand-in-hand. Wow, congrats on that keen insight you possess that none of us plebians could ever understand. For the record, Honolulu’s spot on on the opinion that their music suffered heavily during and after the release of Evil Empire. The music started to get average and because the music started faltering so much, the politics stuck out even more, and in the end turned the entire RATM “machine” into a parody of itself with these ideas of anti-capitalism coming to the forefront of a band who made millions off capitalism. They’re in the same realm as System of a Down in this matter.

  • Lern2Swim


    “Honolulu’s spot on on the opinion that their music suffered heavily during and after the release of Evil Empire” That was my statement, not his.

    @Honolulu, you’re right about one thing, that should have been “disagrees” not “agrees.” I’ll concede that to you but it was a typing error, not a knowledge one.

    Socialism and communism are both subheadings under Marxism. The crap that RATM spews fits nice and snug into either classification, hence my use of both. Hell, if you can “jokingly” call someone who disagrees with them a redneck then I can “jokingly” call them commies, can’t I?

    As for hypocrisy, what does Morello being a product of our twisted college system have to do with that?(for the record, I’m working on a BA in English, so I’m not saying that college isn’t important, simply that… well, most professors use it as nothing more than a way to indoctrinate young, impressionable minds. I’d point to both Morello and you as examples) I am calling them hypocrites because, for all their bullshit grandstanding, I’ve never heard a single story of them actually putting their money where their mouths are. If their so anti-capitalism, then explain to me how it’s anything but hypocrisy to get rich off of that anti-capitalist message.

    You also completely missed the point that Buttcrack made. No, the US is not a 3rd world country. However, there are a number of youths in 3rd world countries who eat up anything that attacks capitalism and the US specifically.


    “You could only aspire to be as educated as someone like myself.”

    You’re a fucking moron. Your posts here show that. You can fool yourself into thinking you’re open minded and enlightened but, really, what you are is weak minded and easily fooled by people who are all too eager to fill your empty head with their own ideas.

    enjoy your life as nothing but a useless tool.

  • cma3585

    Yeah, sorry about that Lern, got you bastards confused for a second (no offense). Evidently you know what I meant.

  • Viking

    Buttcrack is correct.

  • zomgpapi

    OHHHHHH lemme guess, Zakk is probally gonna write songs about wikileaks, his realization that Obama is not the 2nd coming of christ, and God knows what other bullshit I could FUCKING CARE LESS ABOUT!!!. and HONOLULU you can take your views about what you think about the US and RATM political views and SHOVE EM UP YOUR FUCKING ASS!!!!!

    …and Buttcrack is correct.

  • im on a horse

    God you people need a life. Arguing on the internet is the most pointless thing to ever happen in the history of communicating and communication has been around for a long time lol. Above all else, RATM is about the music. If it sounds good and you feel it, listen to it. Fuck everything else.

  • MustardTiger

    If I could erase Tom’s solos from 95% of Rage songs, I’d be a bigger fan. The “solo” in Testify is just embarassing, and the original Ghost of Tom Joad was better without his stupid fx added in on the remake. I admire his trying to be different, but a normal solo would be refreshing in a Rage song. On a sidenote, I thought One Day as a Lion was a good album.

  • ablaze29

    Who cares about RATM!! Seriously they have a complex. They turned their back on U.S. fans along time ago. They have only played a couple shows in the U.S. since they reunited in 2008. They have toured Europe alot and are now playing shows Brazil. But they still sell their merch here. Until they start hitting the road in the U.S. they no longer exist to me.

  • Livedefflo

    new RATM = Hypness, whether or not you dig the lyrics or hate them. They aren’t a band for everyone but I tend to lean more towards their hypeness although i do agree with some aspects of their politics.

  • will

    RATM rule! what’s wrong with politics that put people above profit and policy? the only bullshit here is the 3 above (learn to spell, buttcrack, panda boy). just because Sarah Palin don’t front the band you get all emotional. nice rip blue balls!

  • Jenkem Dealer

    I am psyched for this. Fuck the shit-talkers. RATM dissappeared when we needed them the most. There should be more than enough bullshit for Zack to write about since they’ve been gone. It sucks they missed their opportunities to really trash W but they can piss in the tea party now instead. About fucking time!

  • Lern2Swim

    will, you’re a retard and so is Sarah Palin. Just like that ther moron, your obvious limited understanding of politics has led you to believe that just because I can’t stand the stupidity behind RATM’s politics, I must be a republican. I’m not.

    Next, if their politics truly put people first that would be fine. But fact of the matter is, their politics put ideology first. The problem with that is that, in practice, the world comes crashing down if it’s run how they’d prefer.

    Finally, “learn to spell”? Really? That’s oh so witty because, well, look at all the spelling mistakes in my posts. Oh, wait, that’s right, there aren’t any. You’re just talking about my screen name… because you’re a moron. Your screen name isn’t capitalized; should I act like it’s a big deal and try to use that like it’s an insult?

  • American_Natemare

    Fuck politics. It’s all just idiots being used as a spokesperson for all the people who paid for them to run. Democrats and Republicans are one in the same. None of them give a fuck about any of you, just making more money for themselves and their friends.
    As someone who isn’t really a fan of Rage but doesn’t have anything against them, I think it will be cool to hear what they do now. Just cause you don’t like their poltics doesn’t mean they’re useless and obsolete. I assume that there have been numerous people who were influenced by the ideology they use to start paying attention to what is really going on in the government that is supposedly run “by and for” them. Even “political” band that sing about basic injustices that may just sound like someone cashing in on political dissent are still a influence on someone somewhere to get involved and fight out against whatever injustice they choose to fight. I give Rage props for that.
    Stay warm, burn out the rich.

  • will

    LEARNTOSPELL: if only your mother would have swallowed the other letters along with that missing “A” I would have never gotten the chance to be educated by someone of your caliber. Thanks for such an incite on politics, and basic grammar. You have proven single-handedly that even a caveman can do it.

  • Lern2Swim

    @Will, where do I begin? Maybe with the fact that “incite” is NOT the word you’re looking for there. Maybe with the fact that the rest of your post makes little sense. Maybe with the fact that your post as a whole shows that you really have no fucking clue what you’re talking about.

  • robichaud1

    Ha! Nerd burn! Ssssssizzle!

  • Anisopia

    that would be epic!

  • jayofdajungle

    Battle of Los Angeles is an awesome album, I like it slightly less than the debut and way more than Evil Empire

  • Anisopia

    i think all R.A.T.M albums are badass. and i bet this one will be as well..