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Killswitch Engage Frontman’s Pornstar Pregnancy Drama Continues (Updated)

The Howard Jones and Allie Foster situation seems to have taken another intersting turn. For weeks now rumors have been circulating that Jones left Killswitch Engage‘s ongoing tour as a result of getting pornstar Allie Foster pregnant.

Meanwhile, the band themselves stated that Jones left the tour to “attend to personal matters.” A series of posts made on Foster‘s Twitter account over the weekend seemingly confirmed the initial rumors with a number of accusations being made against Jones.

However, today the following new post was made on Foster‘s account:

“I lied. I’m fat, not pregnant. But Howard really still is a dirtbag. : ) had to get him back somehow!”

Another post claiming the Twitter account was hacked followed and reads:


Some were quick to notice that the latter post came from a different Twitter application (Echofon) than the one the majority of her other posts were made from (Tweetdeck), thus lessening (or increasing) the validity of it.

Others also began to speculate that Foster‘s most recent comments may have been made as a result of ‘hush money’ or a pending paternity suit. While some merely speculated that Foster may just be trying to gain attention or get revenge on Jones for some past altercation.

Jones and the band have remained silent thus far throughout the ordeal. Given the nature of the situation, you can likely expect a lot of he said/she said to follow. For now, you can find some pictures of Foster and Jones together here, here, and here.


  • itLEAKED


  • ChrisChaos

    Like i said a rumor. there we all are arguing
    about something not even proven!

  • Divinity

    lol Someone posted this on the PRP board:

  • hahahlol

    She’s pretty cosy with Howard in this pic:

    I call bullshit – I bet she is preggers!

  • Imprint

    a glimpse into Howard’s future

  • ChrisChaos

    well she is pregnent.
    but whose the daddy?
    this shit is so confusing but ill be waiting
    to hear the truth.

    And that video makes me laugh.
    id start dancing to if i wasnt the babies daddy aha

  • http://deathcoreis-still-sexy YourLocalWeedMan

    what a dumb slut.

  • Tom
  • Cat

    First off, this Foster girl is a skank and I don’t know if she pregnant with Howard’s kid or not. I don’t know if Howard is really married like she has said. But even as trashy as she is, she should not be getting all the blame here because it was Howard who started this crazy train rolling by sticking his unwrapped, nasty dick into any pussy that would take him.

    This drama all started at the beginning of January when Foster had some friend who works at TMZ send an email to Howard and the Roadrunner publicity department, probably to scare the shit out of him. Obviously it worked so well that Howard had a total mental breakdown and sent a self pitying, goodbye mass email to his 20 odd GFs, where he admits having a sexual addiction and being a habitual liar.

    He then followed that email with copies of the TMZ letters, as well as forwarding really personal ‘love’ letters from many of the women, some dating back several years. He really did work his ass off trying to get these women to trust him so he could have unprotected sex with them. Of course he never disclosed any of the stds he had. Some of the women called him a sexual predator, and I don’t want to agree but it does seem to be the case.

    Howard should go to Hollywood to be an actor. For years he has fooled everyone into believing he is a Tom Hanks when in reality he is really a raggedy, broke down Tiger Woods.

  • Divinity

    At this point, I don’t give a shit. I just want them back on tour. This is coming from a fan’s standpoint so I’m pretty biased. I love this band and I think Howard is an amazing vocalist. I don’t want to see him leave.

    Also coming from a woman’s point of view, these women need to tell him off or do whatever it is they want to do if they are so angry and then get over it. This shit happens all the time. If they thought a vocalist of one of the biggest metal bands out there was going to be faithful, they need to reevaluate their outlooks. It’s a rare thing to find a touring musician who is faithful. Not completely uncommon, especially in marriage, but it doesn’t seem like any of the relationships were serious enough.

    I refuse to see this band fall. They are getting old and this may be a breaking point if Howard leaves. I don’t care if he impregnated a woman in every goddamn country in the whole world. I’m selfish about this. I refuse to let this band go.

    If the story is true and he hurt a lot of women, they will get over it. It’s this bitch who probably won’t. She’s out for money and/or her 15 min. She says she’s happy with the baby and her life? Okay so get over it and let him be. Go live your life, find a supporting man, and live happily ever after.

  • Mr. Censored

    This is so ridiculous. Howard is a sexual predator? Why, because he’s done what 9 out of 10 rock-stars before him have done, putting as many notches in his belt as possible?

    I don’t really feel bad for either side. Howard should have been smart enough to use a condom and this midget that he nailed is obviously just starved for attention, Shame she doesn’t seem to realize that KSE aren’t a household name and nobody outside of the internet metal community gives a rat’s ass.

  • ChrisChaos

    @divinity im selfish too! aha i had to fuckin miss the
    show in vegas because of this little drama. but its whatever

    The internet is just turning into
    the ‘sinnernet’

  • captian nemo

    Why is this news?

  • AMeN

    Regardless of the situation this SHOULD NOT BE AS PUBLIC AS IT IS. These people need to solve their problems privately so I commend Howard’s decision to pull out of KSE temporarily to solve his issues. I think Allie embarrasses herself by making these ridiculous public comments and only worsen the entire situation, also if those stats are right and this baby has been subjected to alcohol things are fucked. P.S. dude taking pictures of yourself in a mirror totally discredits anything you say on principal

  • Imprint

    @captian nemo

    band vocalis bangs out bulk pussy and gets a dirty slut pregnant, this is serious business.

  • PeteRepete

    He got a girl pregnant, most dudes have done this once or twice in their lives.

    He doesnt want it. She does.

    The only story to this is that he is in a band, and shes a porn actress, but even that isnt news.

    Apparently he is married? Thats news to everyone. I dont know if there is truth to this, for he is known for being a player, like most guys in bands of course he fucks around, even if he has a wife. Again this isnt news.

    He made a mistake and was blinded by porn pussy, im sure more than half of the dudes on this page would have fucked her if given the chance. But you may have been smart enough to wrap your shit up. He fucked up, he didnt and in allies words “Metal….. Anal sex…. Then end with a hot load deep in my pussy….. :) What a GREAT night!!!
    11:17 PM Dec 6th, 2009 via TweetDeck”

    Maybe its not his spawn. Maybe it is. Only the Paternity test would prove that.

    On 12/6 she posted she copped a load in her pussy, now shes claiming shes 4 months pregnant? according to my calculations thats only 3 months. So was this the night she fucked Jones? Or was it a month earlier?

    She is pregnant, truth. She definitely fucked Jones on multiple occasions, truth.

    Is it his kid? who knows? Maurey Povich will reveal all after she spits the kid out.

  • Divinity

    Did KSE even tour in December? She would have had to gone out to where he was or the other way around in order to get pregnant. Also, if he has a wife, wouldn’t that be a bit suspicious to her?

  • PeteRepete

    Wives of band members know whats up. What happens on the road stays on the road. Ask no questions/tell no lies.

  • Divinity

    New interview with Joel:

    Obviously he’s not going to address the situation, but just with the way he is talking is giving me hope that the band will survive this.

  • Imprint

    When Darkness Falls indeed.

  • EL ROV

    this shit is so wack

    when did the term ‘sex addict’ become so prevalent? most dudes with his status would be serving dick to countless slores. ya he’s an idiot, but i don’t see what the big deal is.

    small potatoes. he should be back on stage in no time.

  • translation

    I thought I was on, not the National Enquirer. Come on, guys. This is pathetic.

  • rageagainst123

    Could Howard be the Tiger Woods of Metal?

  • thegh0st

    Killswitch lost a lead singer before, got a new one, and they got even bigger. Regardless of what happens with Howard, the band will no doubt soldier on. Whether you think that’s good or bad is up to you :)

  • kmfcm

    rockstardumb bites another one in the ass

  • Aries Veil

    Sex Addiction doesn’t really exist. FYI.

  • hahahlol

    On top of that, someone on Metal Sludge posted:

    Re: If you could kick any rocker in the apple bag?
    howard jones from killswitch engage for willfully speading herpes to several women. maybe he will go back to the ghetto now.

    And I saw on a Voy forum, someone else has complained about him giving her an STD.

    Not cool, Howard.

  • Sam Eagle

    Here’s my take on this “rumor”…It’s all TRUE.

    I don’t speak for everyone, but I know this much, if I was facing this allegation, I would be fighting tooth and nail to clear my name. If for some reason I couldn’t, you could be damn certain my friends would be taking up the cause on my behalf. Going into hiding is the last thing I’d be doing.

    When all is said and done at the end of the day, Howard and KsE have had ample opportunity to address these rumors and rest assured that the rest of the band was likely aware of this situation long before it surfaced in the media.

    Instead, everyone has tightened up like a seal’s asshole under water.

    So, think of it what you will, but if I were a betting eagle, I’d be putting the money on this whole situation being true.

  • PeteRepete

    those girls didnt have to fuck him without a condom. Everyone today knows the dangers of unprotected sex. To fuck a dude in a band without a condom is asking for an STD. In fact, to fuck anyone that you arent in a committed long term relationship without protection is just plain stupid and ignorant.

  • Cat

    Nobody knows if these particular women had unprotected sex with him. Many had been seeing Howard for several years and were given the impression by him they were in a serious relationship. Herpes can and does spread through simple skin to skin contact, even if a condom is being used. The fact that he did not disclose having those stds does show intent, which also has legal reprucssions.

  • DaveMetal26

    You can call having sex with someone unprotected stupid and ignorant, sure. By making that decision you are taking a risk, a leap of faith that the person you are with is responsible enough to know that they are STD free and would be considerate enough of a human being to NOT have sex unprotected if they knew they had something. If a bunch of women were given a strong impression that he was with them and no one else (which IS the case, beyond what anyone will probably ever know) for years upon years, I could understand how they could make such an assumption. But Howard is the irresponsible prick that KNEW he was fuckin a load of women and had STD’s to spread. In some cases (if he had more severe diseases) these acts could be considered as a death sentence (HIV/AIDS, for those who don’t catch my drift). Yeah, there are 2 sides here, but that dude fucked with a lot of people’s lives emotionally and physically. I’ve been a KsE AND BHBS fan for almost a decade now, and good music or not, talented dude or not, he is a piece of shit and it will be amazing to see how he and the band come out of this situation intact.

  • Aries Veil

    haha, I hope he goes to jail for spreading the herp, fucking loser deserves it.

  • Bitter Old Man

    @ Aries Veil:
    So you think sex addiction isn’t real and Howard is a loser that deserves jail time for wanting to get his rocks off just like EVERYONE ELSE?!
    The only thing he did wrong was not wrapping it up. Now he has to suffer the consequences for not doing that. But that’s his own personal problem.
    That doesn’t make him a “fucking loser that deserves jail time”.
    Wait….I forgot….you’re perfect so you’re allowed to make ignorant ass statements like that. My bad.

  • PeteRepete


    Anyone that believed they are in a serious relationship with Howard had to have rocks in their head. Seriously…. And while he may be a “dirtbag” just because he does what most men in bands do, and fuck a tonne of women, he would never have knowingly spread stds if he had them.

  • kmfcm

    the scientific term for “sex addiction” is “male heterosexuality”

    i still say it’s just another case of rockstardumb

    so lets run it down the line
    Killswitch’s singer is impregnating porn stars (i bet she has a sex tape. . .just like Motley Crue guy), Emmure and Acacia Strain are making diss tracks for each other, Rose Funeral go beat up kids in the crowd (total Axl Rose move).
    what’s next?
    c’mon, you wanna bring back the 80s
    DO IT!

  • Aries Veil

    @bitter old man – LOL? Relax buddy, I don’t know about you, but people who have STD’s and have unprotected sex with other people are pretty much the lowest common denominator in my books. What kind of a person would ruin someone else’s life just because he’s not a fan of condoms? Spreading STD’s like herpes, something that is with you for life, is just plain wrong. The guys deserves the problems he’s having, and seriously, if it was AIDS he had, then he would seriously be in jail by now. I don’t give a flying fuck about your opinions, since they are obviously jaded and uninformed on the topic. No matter who you are, if you’re knowingly spreading a disease, you’re “a fucking loser that deserves jail time.”

    Get what i’m putting down?

  • Divinity

    @Aries Veil
    Us KSE fans are going to fight for Howard’s right. None of this is confirmed. I’ve been hearing people stating he’s not married and this isn’t true. We have no proof for either side.
    I love how you state, “Yeah, there are 2 sides here…” but then turn around and contradict yourself “but that dude fucked with a lot of people’s lives emotionally and physically.”

    While I do not justify the spreading of STDs at all, I also don’t justify the pointing of fingers unjustly when we don’t have the full truth. The only people stating he’s been spreading STDs are random anonymous posters on various forums. If you believe everything you read on the internet then I guess the world is going to end, everyone eats babies, and Jesse’s coming back to KSE.

    Howard is dealing with this in the best way possible: privately. Unfortunately, Ms. Foster isn’t respecting that. She waited for the day when KSE’s tour showed up in California to begin posting this. She had been posting hints for a while now about it. (She isn’t too internet savvy. Her posts are still there. There’s still a way to view them easily.)

  • Divinity

    Bram at Metal Insider said it best:
    “Roadrunner is taking the high road, and has no comment. And neither should anyone else. With no disrespect to Foster, until it’s confirmed by something more than a porn star’s Twitter account, this is nothing more than the ramblings of a groupie. Yes, the metal community is a small one when it comes down to it. And sure, the metal blogosphere is even smaller. But I don’t think that’s a reason for everyone to act like gossipy bitches off unconfirmed information. It’s called fact checking. Sure, if you live your life in the public eye, maybe you should expect to be scrutinized a little more. But until the facts come out, it might not be the worst thing to respect the band’s privacy.”

  • Tom

    divinity, what does bram’s dick taste like exactly?

  • DaveMetal26

    I can understand how I wrote those lines can seem like I’m contradicting myself, but the point I was trying to make was this: I was trying to reiterate to another person that in the situation of having unprotected sex, 2 people are involved making that decision and yes, there’s the risk and responsibility of the girls in that decision, but there is also Howard who should know better. The other “blogger” I was responding to made it seem like all of the blame should be on the women for being “stupid and ignorant”. I was just trying to say I could understand his viewpoint to a degree but Howard is the worse person in this situation.
    …and just to set it straight, there is no way for me or anyone else to know if Howard impregnated Allie Foster without hard proof. But I have actual knowledge of the numbers of women and STD giving situation that has been mentioned and it is legit. Believe me or not, but I know what I know. Like I said before, I’ve been a fan of the music he’s been involved in for years and years now, but knowing what I know, I’m not gonna sit back and mark out for that douche just because I dig the tunes. I hope KsE moves on without Metal Tiger Woods to be honest.

  • Divinity

    I got redirected to that article from :D My apologies for agreeing with one of the few people who think that Howard owes no explanation.

    Yeah I understand. Right now Ms. Foster seems like the worse person in this situation for me because of the way she handled it all. In the same way a disgruntled 13 year old girl would’ve handled her first crush. My apologies for misunderstanding.

    And I disagree with that last statement. I’ve been a big fan of Howard, and even if this is true, I don’t give a shit. I’ll simply separate the musician’s personal life from the music. But I know for a lot of people like yourself (I’m assuming) that this will effect the way you listen to his lyrics.

  • michelle

    Howard does not have STDs. If he had an STD, I would have it too. I have been tested and I have nothing. I am one of his many many girls and one of those ignorant ones that thought it was more than it was, but I have been having unprotected sex with him for many many years. If he has something I would certainly have it. As for the other allegations of him being married, they are also false. And the only way we can find out if he did knock up Allie Foster is when the baby is born and the bloodwork will not lie. Even then its no ones business except his and Allies. The only thing he is guilty of is being a man, in band with opportunity, and he took advantage of that. Unfortunately, I was duped, along with many others, but I am disease free.

  • Imprint

    @michelle and how proud you must be that your claim to fame is to not have contracted a STD from Howard Jones.


  • michelle

    Not proud and its no claim to fame.

  • Aries Veil

    Well, just because YOU don’t have anything, doesn’t neccessarily mean that he doesn’t. I believe diseases like Herpes don’t spread unless you’re having an outbreak. So unless his pee pee was all crusty or whatever, when you guys did it, then I’m sure you just won the law of averages. Not saying that I know Howard has any STD’s for sure, but it seems like an overwhelming majority of his past conquests have said that he gave them something. I’m going to take what you’re saying at face value though Michelle, and I can see that you were speaking without any bias towards Howard or his situation. It sucks when you get used by people, and especially sucks when you genuinely believe they are being truthful with you. I guess the only advice I can give you, is that you never, ever, believe anyone in a metal band when he tells you ‘you’re the only one for me’.

  • Cat

    I what you are saying is true, then you don’t know how very lucky you are to be std free. My best friend is not so lucky, so this is very personal for me. During the years she was seeing Howard, she slept with no one else but him even though he was screwing every open hole in the world. Several other girls have since repeated the same story…only Howard, same std.

    I don’t fault him so much for being a horny sleazy guy, even if it is gross. I do fault him for not having the integrity to be honest about his health, for being so cruel to spread std’s to other people, and for not having the decency to apologize for his actions.

  • Aries Veil

    I really thought this sort of thing happened all the time with rockstars, I remember hearing rumours of Chino fathering several illegitimate children during the 90′s. This was all pre-twitter though, so it obviously wasn’t a big deal.

  • michelle

    Obviously this is personal for me too. I just find it hard to believe all the STD and wife rumors. He is pathological liar, and while he hurt a lot of women emotionally, I dont believe he would have knowingly spread the herp. From those rounds of emails, I only heard of one girl claiming to get an std, maybe it was your friend? Im not sure? But when your friend contracted the STD did she inform Howard when she first realised she was infected?

    He is clearly not going to comment on any of these forums comments, I doubt he is even reading any of it. Or that he cares given the circumstances. And as @Aries Veil said above, none of this behaviour is new to the music industry, but we were all the dumb girls that believed he was “different” to the others, because he always painted himself that way, quiet and pensive and hating the spotlight, hating tour. Seems that he is just like every other dirtbag that tours afterall. But all the blame cannot be pointed in his direction, I am taking responsibility for my dumb actions, as should everyone else. Accept we were duped, learn from the mistake and hopefully never let anyone else treat us that way again

  • Cat

    No it was not my friend who claimed to get the std. She has never commented publicly about it, she’s been too distraught and embarrassed about the situation. But she has learned that are at least a couple of others who are in the same boat that she is in. Even though I do not know this DaveMetal person who has posted here, he does seem to have knowledge about this whole thing and is also confirming this.
    I HOPE he did not spread this knowingly, but I seriously have to wonder after reading the email where he stated he had no conscience.
    I also know this is nothing new within music, but this is no longer the 80s or the era of Motley Crue type behavior. What he did was really twisted and he should have known better.

    I will agree with you about this weird wife rumor though. I think it might be some friend of Allie Foster who is trying, for god knows what reason, to make an already bad situation seem worse.

  • michelle

    I wouldnt point the finget at Allie.
    Howard is obviously the one who has lied over and over and over and over again. He probably did tell her he had a wife. He is a pathological liar and a sociopath. He needs help.

  • Aries Veil

    I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but this thread alone is worth the 10 years i’ve been coming back to this website.

  • Cat

    My intention was not to point fingers specifically at Allie. It is pretty obvious BOTH her and Howard have handled things terribly. Actually I am cutting her a bit more slack because she is so young. However, Howard should have figured sooner or later he would end up sticking his dick in someone as unethical as he is. I am with DaveMetal in hoping KSE moves on without Howard. The guy is whacked and should be trying to get his mental health in order, and not out traveling the world.

    I can see where this thread would be pretty entertaining. :)

  • michelle

    Alies Veil
    Its a soap opera alright. Except its all true. There should be a book written, because you just cant make this sort of stuff up. It will be interesting to see if Howard goes back to the band, but Im sure he will, it is really all he has, oh and his “wife”. But he will slip back into touring, ignore all that has happened and make the same mistakes he has been making for the past 10 years. Good for him. Hopefully, this and the other postings on various websites will warn any new victims away. But I doubt it. I wouldn’t normally post in a public place about such things. But people need to know what sort of person he is and to not believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

  • Aries Veil

    You have to assume that with the traffic this website has had as a result of fielding this story that members of KSE may have actually read this thread. Possibly even Howard himself. I mean, if he’s not touring with KSE right now, what the fuck is he doing exactly? Sitting at home with his “wife” and trying to coordinate damage control? @michelle, you’re totally right, this would make a very interesting novel, take all the people Howard has banged and get them to write testimonials to the guys character, then have Howard respond. I would be interested in reading it, at least until it became redundent. To be blunt, as many of the posters have been, I can’t see Howard leaving KSE unless this porn star is actually pregnant, in which case he may have to focus his efforts on making some sort of relationship work. Of course, knowing how cliche the lifestyle is, he could be back ont he bus in no time, and just add her to the list of willing participants in his debauchery.

  • michelle

    Allie Foster is actually pregnant. The question still remains as to if the baby is Howards. No one will know that result until the baby is born. I have no doubt that Howard will go back to touring, and nothing will change, he will keep banging a lot of girls, probably telling them all that he loves them and they are the only one, and probably have a few more close encounters with pregnancy and stds. Im beginning to wonder how many women he has actually impregnated and managed to talk into abortions, or just how many illegitimate children he has out there. I wonder if his so-called wife has read any of this or the various other posts online, and what crap he is telling her, saying that its all rumors and heresay. He is the most convincing liar I have ever met. If only she really knew…

  • Cat

    Ugh I hope he doesnt return to touring! It would be disgusting if he goes back to spreading his lifetime gift to even more women.

  • michelle

    He will. That is for certain.

  • hahahlol

    Boy oh boy does Howard have a HUGE penis! LOL

    Pity. What a waste.

  • hahahlol

    P.S. Howard must be seething – I know he cannot stand people talking about his private life. No wonder why.

  • Joke Insurance

    Those two posters, Cat and michelle, are both men is disguise. Do not be fooled by them!

  • michelle

    @Joke Insurance

    You are a joke. Why am I a man in disguise.???? LOL. You are out of your mind

  • Cat

    Joke Insurance
    A man? Tell that to the box of tampax under my bathroom sink.

    I honestly do not care if Howard is seething. He screwed up the life of someone I have known since I was a kid and love very much. If he’s upset because people are talking about him, then too bad for him.

  • CongestedThoughts

    The problem with this situation is that if girls/women would go to the shows to like most normal people and enjoy the group(s) they came to see instead of being a groupie and wanting to sleep with a “rockstar”, none of this shit would have happened. All the complaining that these women do after they do what they do with a celebrity doesn’t obviously mean shit to that individual. KSE are one out of hundreds of other metal bands that tour throughout most of their lives, giving groupies just what they want to feed into to their own lust. No one is to blame but yourself and if you don’t take responsibility for your actions then you deserve no sympathy, especially if you are desperate enough to want to sleep with someone who only acts on their own intentions. I’ve been a big KSE fan for a while and it’s been mostly do to how I thought Howard leaned toward more positive views but now it seems rather hypocritical on his outlook towards everything. Guess that’s ones own ignorance but you learn from another’s mistakes. It’s rather pathetic that this got out of hand but maybe this is a wake up call to women that go to shows and who are willing “to do anything to meet the band”. Very doubtful though cause there are so many women that want that attention because they have no self respect for themselves sadly. Good one ladies. All this posting about what is happening doesn’t change what has been done or that’s still going on but it’s not to late to change your present actions so where do you go from here?

  • Joke Insurance


    Sounds like you have a tampon fetish. Rule 34, yo. lolz!

  • Aries Veil

    ^ Someone needs to beat the shit out of this guy.

  • Cat

    @ Congested Thoughts
    Thanks for writing what has to be the most uninformed post in this entire thread. Even more amazing is by some miracle you were able to connect to the internet from the 19th century! You are clueless about the circumstances surrounding my friend, who she is, etc. Or even a thing about any of the other women involved for that matter, with maybe the exception of Allie Foster. Maybe you should take a minute to think before posting petty moralist bs in regards to a subject you obviously know nothing about.

  • AnacondaVice999

    Not trying to be an ass. but hell there’s no proof michelle or cat even know a friend of another friend thats even met Howard. I dont think there guys in disguise but at least have your picture of you own here if your gonna claim to know him or that you know someone thats been a victim of him (& yes i dont have a pic either but if i claim i knew a famous person i would), im not sticking up for him cause hell yes thats very wrong, (big time fan of him an hour ago but now that i read all of this he a guy i dont even know and not fan of his anymore) but Im not believing you two girls are in this all personally. Its the internet, You could be 2 girls who randomly just hate the guy, or heard all this and wanna claim you are someone you know is a victim. and you cold actually be a victim or know someone that is, deep down i believe it, but i really want some more proof to all the shit going on with howard. Was there ever STD’S to began with? was there just one girl who was all making it up so others said they got it, hell who’s to know all the supposedly “girls with STD’S (Victims)” got it from him, & cant blame it on him all, the girls said yes mistake itself, actually believed him or any guy for that matter when he was saying your the only one, you believe a guy when he says that and he’s got fame and money and your setting yourself up to get fucked over by that guy. Most guys are pigs, but famous ones are fuck huge pigs, or dirtbags depending what you rather call it, and dont look for the great looking and famous guys all the time and you find a decent guy but these girls obviously didnt do that, they saw howard and saw money and fam and was setting there own self up for what happen. My point is 80 percent of guys do his so lets not see him as one of his own, maybe see him as tiger woods if you want cuz i do, both was a big fan of who i thought they were. you never know a famous person huh???

  • Cat

    Even though I am having trouble trying to make heads or tails of what you wrote, I will do my best to give you some quick answers.

    If you do not believe what I or anyone here has written, don’t. That is your business.

    I think you are asking for us to post photos of ourselves? If that is what you meant, then I can tell you that will never happen. Some people like their anonymity.

    Were you trying to insinuate that all these women were looking at Howard as rich and famous? Are we talking talking about the same person here, because KSE and Howard are unknown outside of the metal community and are miles from being wealthy multiplatinum selling artists.

  • Aries Veil

    I would bet money someone in KSE lives at home still.

  • Anadivine-sadistic

    WHO GIVES A FUCK!!!! HAHA, A PORNstar got prego, oh man i wonder how many dudes she has to line up to figure out that daddy, she WISHES it could be douchebag shithead of a human Howard buuuuutttt, like i said WHO GIVES A FUCK. P.S. the old singer rocked better anyways. it would suck to see a band go down because the singer is whore and every lady and their grandma is tryin to say they got an STD from him and is now prego. which in turns makes stupid headlines like this one “Killswitch Engage Frontman’s Pornstar Pregnancy Drama Continues’ Wooopie dooo!! This isn’t anything new for the rockstar bands who travel and for some reason every girl wants to bang even if they are butt ass ugly and 500 pounds, DUDES go to the show cuz you like the music not to get some rockstar ass and have filthy babies that will be plagued with the same STD that 500 other ppl now have because of the great chain of spreading disease- Keep it in your pants if its diseased. End of story- *VOMIT*

  • PeteRepete

    Has this kid been born yet?

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