Crosses (†††) Sign With Sumerian Records, Chino Moreno Speaks Of New Project


Crosses (aka †††) have signed with Sumerian Records for the release of their coming third EP. Band vocalist Chino Moreno (also of Deftones) recently told Noisey:

Crosses has recorded a bunch of material and we have a third EP that’s ready to go. We just signed a deal with Sumerian Records to release it. We’re thinking of putting it out in October and doing a couple shows around then.

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I’ve also been working with [Stolen Babies drummer] Gil Sharone, [Crosses member] Chuck Doom, and my buddy Todd [Wilkinson], who plays [guitar] in Team Sleep. We always hang out and make music.

We all got together for the Guitar Center “Drum Off” that Gil did [in March 2013]. We wrote five or six tunes and played the gig. It’s all instrumental at this point. I just turned 40, and I’ve realized that I like having a regular output of music and doing it consistently, whether it ends up in record format or if it doesn’t come out at all.

As much as I can do it now, creating music with other people is definitely fun. It’s my number one hobby. I’m not too much into video games or other things. I like to spend my time creating stuff with friends.”

When asked if there were plans for Moreno to do another album with Palms, he stated:

“We’re not scheduling anything just yet, but we all enjoyed doing this, so I think we all want to do more stuff. And playing shows is fun, but we can’t do that much because I’m really busy with Deftones.”

In regards to Team Sleep‘s status he offered:

“That’s still a little shaky because everyone lives so far away. It’s hard for us to get together, but hopefully we’ll find some time to work on that, too.”

When asked if the Deftones had written any new material since “Koi No Yokan“, he answered:

“No, not at all. The best we work now is to go into the studio and make records with the five of us in a room, and capture that moment in time. I feel like we did that with Koi No Yokan and we started it with the Diamond Eyes record in 2010.

It’s been well documented that before that time, we had so many troubles trying to make records and doing it, but not having that foundation—that communication that this band was built on.

When we reconnected on Diamond Eyes and got back to that work ethic, it really benefited us as a band and as friends and musicians. So with Koi we took that same template and rented a studio in North Hollywood and locked ourselves in the room from noon to six every day through the week.

It’s a really communal vibe and it’s a healthy way for us to make records. We do it in a short span of time. We don’t overthink the whole process.

We just get together and start making sounds, and it has worked out. In a couple months, we have a record’s worth of material. Following that idea works for us, so I think we’ll attack it like that again when we’re ready to go in and do the next record. At this point, I don’t know when that will be.

We still have a lot of touring for the rest of this year. We have festivals scheduled and we’ll probably do some more touring next year. But I’m thinking shortly after that we’ll go back in the studio and repeat the process.”

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