Deftones Talk “Koi No Yokan”, ††† & Team Sleep, Chino Moreno Explains Bassnectar Collaboration


Deftones singer/guitarist Chino Moreno and drummer Abe Cunningham were recently interviewed by Consequence Of Sound and had a lot to say of their new album “Koi No Yokan” and Moreno‘s other projects.

As the recent pre-order suggested, there will be no deluxe edition of “Koi No Yokan“. On that Moreno stated that the album is perfect as is. Furthermore, the planned sessions which they had lined up to record additional covers for any potential alternate versions of the album didn’t pan out.

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He also mentioned that a third EP from ††† (Crosses) is already in the can, but is on the back burner for now due to his commitments with the Deftones. Surprisingly the long dormant Team Sleep is still a going concern though. He stated that he and his bandmates have “been recording stuff back and forth”—though no firm plans for any future release are in the works.

And perhaps to the relief of some, Moreno has no interest in getting into EDM/Dubstep—despite his recent collaboration with Bassnectar. When asked if he had any aspirations to break into the genre, he replied:

“Not at all… Why did I do it? Because he’d asked me to do it. He’s a fan of ours and a friend of ours and I got paid a lot of money to do it for a soundtrack, it’s as simple as that you know?”

He later followed up, saying: “I love a lot of electronic music, I just… you know, I don’t have any passion for that though really.”

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