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Whitechapel - This Is Exile

Ah deathcore, while metal and hardcore had a long and much-storied courting period, the fusion of death metal and hardcore always seemed like the end result of some overnight Frankenstein-style lab experiment. In fact, the degenerative genetic traits that plagued the genres first batch of bands continue to surface in the new breed as well. Those of course being a propensity for violence and brutality and a glaring aversion towards longevity.

Whitechapel do their best at combating these shortcomings and for the most part make quite a good go at it. The three-pronged guitar assault they utilize is quite meaty and even restrained enough to avoid becoming a pissing contest of chugging buzzsaw riffs. Similarly, there are also moments set aside for short gasps of breath that provide color, showing that Whitechapel are aware of more speeds than just shred and growl.

As the album progresses on though, lumbering destruction and face blasting aggression seem to be the bands favored weaponry and it doesn't take long for the ammunition to run dry. A brutal assault to be sure, but one that seems sadly one dimensional with prolonged exposure. Even so, fans of groups like Job For A Cowboy and Suicide Silence will find much to rave about here. But unless you're that awkward fifteen year old that just eBayed that bitching collection of early 90's Florida death metal t-shirts, this albums probably not for you.

(3 / 5)


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This Is Exile
Metal Blade

01. Father Of Lies
02. This Is Exile
03. Possession
04. To All That Are Dead
05. Exalt
06. Somatically Incorrect
07. Death Becomes Him
08. Daemon (The Procreated)
09. Eternal Refuge
10. Of Legions
11. Messiahbolical

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