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Unholy - Blood Of The Medusa

With a line-up that consists of alumni of Path Of Resistance, Godbelow, Santa Sangre and Another Victim one might expect Unholy's first full-length to have a pop-up youth crew mosh pit in the insert. Not the case however, for while "Blood Of The Medusa" does have enough hardcore traits and metal licks to flirt with the metalcore wasteland; there is far too much thrash and polyrhythmic wreckage strewn about here to fall victim to a catch-all.

Riffs are perhaps this bands most powerful weapon and they use them to the fullest, laying down engaging thrashy lunges that remain steady and primal. This more often than not sees much of the music fall somewhere between The Haunted/recent Slayer and "Hunter"-era A Life Once Lost. It's thick, crunchy and atmospheric enough to remain entertaining and thanks to a preference of surging intensity over technical pomp, it all remains direct enough to sustain the bloodshed.

Not to sell the band short though, there are some slightly melodic passages (thankfully with no clean singing to back them up) and there also are some intricate parts that let the group show off their chops. The problem is that the band seem to be lacking the vocal hooks or song structuring necessary to really hook into the listeners flesh and keep them coming back. It's a cathartic invigorating listen that flattens nearly everything in its path, but sometimes weight and momentum aren't enough.

(3.5 / 5)


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Blood Of The Medusa

01. New Faith
02. Variola
03. A Whisper In Darkness
04. Where Angels Fear
05. Blood Of The Medusa
06. Touch Of Death
07. Beyond The Shroud
08. Past This Mortal Flame
09. Rise Of Sarnath
10. Dreams In the Witch House
11. Entrails Of A Rotting Sky
12. Oblivion

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