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To The Lions - Baptism Of Fire

Much like a car needs gas to run, a circle pit needs a band like To The Lions. Comprised of former members of Grade, Confine and SeventyEightDays, these Canadian boys are proudly manufacturing high-octane mosh fuel. Sure they list off early scene legends as their inspiration, but for the 90% of people who now listen to hardcore and have never even seen a cassette tape, let alone a 7"; you can expect a more antagonistic version of what Terror and Hatebreed have been doing for the past few years.

Littered with energetic high-intensity mosh anthems that rarely break the three minute barrier, To The Lions do have some slick metal flourishes - but they aren't exactly your standard wannabe toughguy metalcore outfit. There's definitely traces of well, metalcore, but not in the expected commercialized way. Instead there's a ripping guitar squeal here or a solo there to compliment a crippling breakdown and while it definitely isn't original, it doesn't sound as hollow as one might expect.

It's a shame though, bands like this are a dime a thousand these days and while To The Lions offer up an entirely competent and thoroughly bruising listen; only those with full sleeve tattoos and missing teeth from years of mosh pit violence are likely the only ones who will keep coming back to this album for more. The rest will probably just find To The Lions' style a bit too long in the tooth.

(3 / 5)


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To The Lions
Baptism Of Fire

01. Ride The Apocalypse
02. Nine Calibres
03. Born To Die
04. Amnesia
05. Nightmare Begins
06. Ten/Fifteen
07. Forsaken
08. Armour Of God
09. From Fear And Hate Sets Free
10. Final Chapter

To The Lions' Official Website


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