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This Moment - Star Parallel

While This Moment may have a lifelong identity struggle on their hands with the similarly named female-fronted group In This Moment, one would be hard pressed to mistake this album as mere metalcore. In fact, "Star Parallel" is above average metalcore - the kind that suggests there is still hope for the genre.

Sure This Moment rely on a lot of the aforementioned genres hallmarks; there's the chugging riffs, haphazard breakdowns, death screech vocals and the standard bulldozer parade one would expect. But there is also some rather inquisitive songwriting that leaves the knuckle dragging at home. In turn, nearly each track offers a serpentine energy that can quickly arouse the listeners attention.

However, this is not the template for each track and while some subtle harmonics and interesting tones are achieved, it doesn't take long for the band to set into a rather comfortable routine. In turn, there are more forgettable tracks than there are memorable ones and for each songs shining moment there are twice the drawn out tiresome stretches.

This wouldn't be all bad if there were some hefty grooves at play. But for the most part the band are too swift and crunchy to really bring the heaviness home and ensure that the duller moments have enough blunt force to cripple. That said, even with its lulls, there is enough technical ability and creativity here to warrant more than a couple listens, though This Moment may not last long for more jaded ears.

(3.5 / 5)


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This Moment
Star Parallel

01. Star Parallel
02. Oxygen For The Weary Traveler
03. The Glass Soul Of Murano
04. Rising Above Shadows (Leaving Earth)
05. Shackleton's 27 vs. Vedova's Red Paint
06. Bullet Trains And Pensions
07. Cast The Nets
08. Tenir Bon Contre
09. Watercolor Vocabulary
10. Cobblestone Sanskirt
11. Release Of Hostage City
12. Beatific Vision

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