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The Agony Scene - Get Damned

When it comes to persevering in the face of adversity, it would seem The Agony Scene are going for a scene record. Not only have they been through about eight former bandmates, they've also been through four labels in the course of three albums. Impressively they continue soldier on and return with "Get Damned", an album that takes cues from their peers in Himsa and the like and embraces a rawer early 90's aesthetic.

The pulsing Euro-influenced riffs and an foreboding sense of dread still plague the bands throaty endeavors. But the crisper melodies and sterling mix that made their last album "The Darkest Red" stand out are sadly absent. Instead, the group claw out another collection of meaty songs that feature their trademark throbbing choruses, wretched screams and massive breakdowns.

The problem is, not only does "Get Damned" fail to move forward in terms of the bands back catalogue, it doesn't stand out from the pack either. Sure it's enjoyable to a degree and doesn't necessarily do anything wrong - though the similar song structures sans a few gang shouts is pushing it. The real problem is that most of this album could have been pre-production demos for their last album before things got polished up.

(3 / 5)


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The Agony Scene
Get Damned
Century Media

01. Barnburner
02. Predation
03. Dances With Devils
04. Adversary
05. White Nights
06. Rapture
07. Deliverance
08. Rattle Me Bones
09. The Opposition
10. Will To Bleed
11. Old Scratch

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