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Terror - The Damned, The Shamed

It's getting to the point now where having Terror's name on the cover of an album is pretty much all that needs to be said. Much like Hatebreed, Terror has capitalized on the metalcore market with fiery riff-laden performances mixed with the traditionalist-oriented posi/vengeance lyrical angle. Not surprisingly, having parted ways with a member and their label Trustkill since their last effort has made little difference in this regard.

Straight forward in-your-face performances full of sweat and hostility, sharp riffs, breakdowns and gang shouts are this groups gameplan and very few deviations from this template are taken. The thing is, while the band are quite good at what they do, the listenability of steakhead and potatoes metalcore has been exhausted due to too many participants in the mosh pit marathon. In turn, even after multiple listens it's hard to pick out a single track from this effort that actually stands out or remains memorable.

Sure it's a cathartic listen and will easily incite a mosh pit or a random headbang here and there. But as appealing as the energy and grit here are, the substance is worn and lacking. Sure it exemplifies Terror's somewhat limited identity, but what it doesn't do is further it and that is something the band should be looking at this point in their career (no some spoken word and looming basslines aren't enough.) Playing it this scene is playing it safe and while tough guy fans, dudes in bandanas and those who wear hats with the cocked up brim will be all over this; the rest of us will probably find more lasting enjoyment in Vogelisms.

(3 / 5)


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The Damned, The Shamed
Century Media

01. Voice Of The Damned
02. Relentless Through And Through
03. Betrayer
04. Rise Of The Poisoned Youth
05. Never Alone
06. What I Despise
07. Let Me Sink
08. Feel The Pain
09. Lost Our Minds
10. March To Redemption
11. Crush What's Weak
12. Still Believe?
13. Suffer, To Return Harder

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