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Suicide Silence - The Cleansing

Who could have foreseen that not only would Myspace revolutionize social networking and make a guy standing in front of a whiteboard famous, but also give the more extreme forms of metal a foothold the old guard could only dream of. Much like Job For A Cowboy, Suicide Silence have benefited greatly from this internet platform, enough so to earn this album "The Cleansing" the title of one of the best selling debuts for any artist on the Century Media roster.

Perhaps then this explains why such a schizophrenic album that does so little to innovate can sell so well. A chaotic mish-mash of grindcore, death metal, thrash and metalcore, Suicide Silence go through the various shred-laden seizures about 8930 other bands already did earlier this year. The only difference is that somehow this bands rabid movements are somehow connecting with people.

If you've paid attention to the stream of similar albums already spit out this year, you know what to expect with "The Cleansing". Claustrophobia encapsulated by a never ending cavalcade of breakdowns, hoarse barks, wrenched screams and disjointed time changes. Occasionally everything clicks together and the band hit an engaging rhythmic stride, but the tendency to splinter off into another breakdown usually gets the best of them.

Much like All Shall Perish, Despised Icon and Beneath The Massacre, Suicide Silence are helping to spearhead the burgeoning deathcore genre. And much like the aforementioned outfits, variety is dulled into boredom as songwriting is shoved aside for caustic expressionism and the musical equivalent of concertina wire entrapment.

"The Cleansing" follows a course that is becoming all too familiar, where music remains savagely fierce and artistically destructive, yet nearly devoid of sustained impact, substance and consequently, longevity. Sure it's perfect for pissing off parents/neighbors in an impressive show of teen angst, but aside from that silence isn't always golden.

(2.5 / 5)


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Suicide Silence
The Cleansing
Century Media

01. Revelations
02. Unanswered
03. Hands Of A Killer
04. The Price Of Beauty
05. The Fallen
06. No Pity For A Coward
07. The Disease
08. Bludgeoned To Death
09. Girl Of Glass
10. In A Photograph
11. Eyes Sewn Shut
12. Green Monster
13. Destruction Of A Statue (bonus track)

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