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Polkadot Cadaver - Purgatory Dance Party

It was a sad day when Dog Fashion Disco was put down earlier this year as they had been one of the few acts to not only carry on Mr. Bungle's memory, but in some cases, even improve upon it. Judging by the line-up of Polkadot Cadaver, such a split was not defined by acrimony, as three of the bands members, including vocalist Todd Smith, have stuck together and now carry on Dog Fashion Disco's memory with "Purgatory Dance Party".

It's been said that Polkadot Cadaver will be more of a studio-oriented project with less focus on touring and more emphasis on remaining prolific. Obviously this lack of responsibility does embolden this effort with a carefree spirit, but it also liberates the bandmembers from past pressures and expectations as well. In turn, the eclectic genre-bending, complete with morbidly bizzare lyrics, remains as stable and colorful as ever but there's also a notable dive into electronic and acoustic territory - two traits that Dog Fashion Disco rarely fully realized.

While the spartan implementation of these elements remains a bit well, creepy, and the scope of the material has been toned from grandiose to ethereal, there's still an element of playfulness that sees the songs through. While the standout cuts are definitely the tracks like "A Wolf In Jesus Skin" and "What's The Worst Thing That Could Happen?" - both of which could have just as easily been recorded under the Dog Fashion Disco moniker; there's still enough experimentation here to warrant the name change. In fact, if albums like this were the end result of more bands commiting suicide, purgatory would be a far more happening place.

(3.5 / 5)


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Polkadot Cadaver
Purgatory Dance Party
Rotten Records

01. Haunted Holiday
02. A Wolf In Jesus Skin
03. Purgatory Dance Party
04. Deathwish
05. Phantom Limb
06. Long Strange Trip To Paradise
07. Bring Me The Head Of Andy Warhol
08. Chloroform Girl
09. What's The Worst Thing That Could Happen?
10. Brainwash
11. Pure Bedlam For Halfbreeds
12. Sole Survivor

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