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OT3P - The_Ascension

So if the underscores and numbers are any indication it only took "OT3P" seven years to find out about l33t speak. Hmmm, wonder how many years it will take her and her crew of miscreants to find out that nu-metal is dead. Still, if the latest albums by Korn and the like can still sell a million copies, it's not entirely unfeasible that this dated collection of downtuned chug riffs and laughable "poetry" will find an audience.

Listening to the lyrical content on "The_Ascension" is easily the most entertaining thing about this release. It's almost as if the overweight goth girl from the back of the classes diary was used as a lyric sheet, that or Fred Durst got a sex change. Gems like "I'm rejecting my reflection cause I hate the way it judges me" or "waiting for you like a lovesick anorexic" couldn't be any cornier and blatantly tailored to the disenfranchised teen if they tried.

Sure we're all damaged and seek an outlet, but you'd think there would at least be some tact and grace in the expression for a band as bent on "poetry" as OT3P. On top of that, the group seemed to have had writers block and brought in Mudvayne/Hellyeah guitarist Greg Tribbett to help compose a number of songs here; resulting in a sound even more derivative as it amounts to little more than a handful of Mudvayne throwaways.

What you're left with an antiquated album that lacks not only innovation, but also maturity as it all seems like a backdrop for a bunch of incessant finger pointing and ranting that comes off like high school whining. 90% of the population gets shit on growing up and 88% learn to accept it and move on. The other 2% usually become introverted goth kids, cutters, school shooters or maybe they just cope with it by listening to OT3P. If you thought metalcore bands complaining about their failed relationships was the height of corny, have a listen to this.

(1 / 5)


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01. Eet The Children
02. Crooked Spoons
03. Perfectly Flawed
04. Confrontation
05. Milk Of Regret
06. Noose And Nail
07. Ghostflowers
08. Breed
09. March Of The Martyrs
10. Invisible
11. Home Grown
12. Communion

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