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Nights Like These - Sunlight At Secondhand

With the sun setting on standard fare metalcore Nights Like These are wise to have moved on. While their past output was by no means generic, its amalgamation of metalcore basics with techy grind didn't exactly stand out as much as the droning avalanche of darkness that is "Sunlight At Secondhand".

To accomplish this end the band have basically devoted themselves to the Cult of Neurisis, but much like Baroness and the rest of the new breed, there is a bit more here than a silver blood transfusion. For as much as the band take on the foreboding ominous density and lumbering tempos, they also pack on a lot of reckless intensity, especially through the vocals, bringing to mind older Will Haven and such. While not entirely groundbreaking, this punishing combination does keep the attention, as do the creepy harmonic guitar squeals and scant few melodic lapses.

Still while this album is a definite progression and has stronger songwriting overall, the direction it takes steers it towards an even more overcrowded niche. Not only that, but it is a niche that is populated by some of the most talented acts out there and thus, raises the bar even higher. In that regard Nights Like These's musical mixture can come off as somewhat journeyman when compared directly to its rather obvious influences. Even so, while some elements may indeed be 'secondhand', Nights Like These remain interesting enough to see the album through more than once.

(3.5 / 5)


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Nights Like These
Sunlight At Secondhand

01. Heart Of The Wound
02. Black The Sun
03. Samsara
04. Bay Of Pigs
05. Collective Unconscious
06. Claw Your Way Out
07. Empty Lungs
08. Veteran Theives
09. Electric Winds
10. King

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