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Nahemah - The Second Philosophy

Nahemah's first outing for Lifeforce will clearly turn some heads, not only because it is at odds with the music most people associate with the Lifeforce roster, but also for just how diverse a listening experience it is on it its own.

While the band hail from Spain, the homage paid here to Scandinavia would almost point to an identity crisis. For it is a rare occasion when the material that encompasses this album does not conjure up visions of Opeth and the like. A highly involved journey through a number of disparate musical stylings, the eeriness and depth that permeates the many layers of this album are astonishing. Low growls are met with almost radio rock ready croons. Just when a slow pulsing riff kicks over and the band begin their moderately paced-show of force, some shrieking strings weave in and out of the consciousness of the songs background.

It's a collection of contrasts, some extreme, some euphoric, and others almost transcendental. The downside to this is that there can tend to be a lot of dead space that can draw from the subtlety of what the band try to do - especially when exposed to such instrumental frailty for longer periods of time. But even so, it's still wholly impressive that they even managed to take this direction so far. Of course there are missteps like some nu-metal vocals that do rear their head, but thankfully they are a rare occasion. As such, "The Second Philosophy" will give many something heavy they can actually think about, that being an album that is progressive without being 'prog.'

(3.5 / 5)


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The Second Philosophy

01. Siamese
02. Killing My Architect
03. Nothing
04. Like A Butterfly In A Storm
05. Change
06. Labyrinthine Straight Ways
07. Subterranean Airports
08. Phoenix
09. Today Sunshine Ain't The Same
10. The Speech

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