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My Bitter End - The Renovation

Death metal and metalcore have been becoming good friends as of late, just look at the recent output by the likes of Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Dead To Fall and numerous others. However, just because they have been hanging out, doesn't mean they always get along. Take My Bitter End for instance, beefy metalcore breakdowns, screeching vocals, careening shred heavy riffage and a mix that is barely one step above being kvlt.

On the surface the group seem serviceable, the guitars rip it up and pack on the harmonized backing melodies we've come to expect. However, you'd practically need an excavator to dig anything else but the drums and guitar out of the murky mix. In fact, thanks to the mix, the death bellows, scant few melodic wails and wretched screeches are even more so unintelligible than they normally would be.

On top of that, the annoyingly tuned kick drum is so high in the mix that it distracts from everything else with a constant taut clicking. While the material on this album may be a little above average, it's just too hard to tell if there is potential there for something more or not. Basically, the next time these boys try some renovations they should probably hire better contractors - that is unless the mix was their choice. If that's the case then some hearing tests might be in order.

(2.5 / 5)


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My Bitter End
The Renovation

01. It's Time
02. Becoming Misfortune
03. To All Things Expendable
04. Salvage The Structure
05. The Suburbs Breed Showmen
06. Comfortable With Corpses
07. The Renovation
08. Finding Level Ground
09. Subtleties
10. Dirt Helmet
11. A Proper Sendoff

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