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Lower Definition - The Greatest Of All Lost Arts

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and with Daryl Palumbo probably still off writing fruity electro-pop, Lower Definition have a great shot at running away with the starving Glassjaw fan base. Indeed, Glassjaw's influence is readily apparent throughout much of disc and is surprisingly treated with far more dignity than most of the other followers of the cult Long island act have mustered thus far.

Dead-on Palumbo vocalisms aside though, there's a considerable amount of prog rock influence mixed in with this outfits melancholic aggression, recalling the likes of The Fall Of Troy, albeit far less technical. But while the band may not sleep with their instruments, this brainy element still injects a bit of weight behind their relatively lightweight sing/scream melodies.

Truly Lower Definition face one hell of an impasse though. While they have a wealth of twisting aggressive harmonies at their disposal, the Glassjaw similarities will be a deal breaker for many fans. That's not saying these boys don't get the job done, just that they are usually borrowing someone else's tools to do it.

(3 / 5)


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Lower Definition
The Greatest Of All Lost Arts
Ferret Music

01. To Satellite
02. The Ocean, The Beast!
03. Miami Nights
04. The Choreographer
05. Versus Versace
06. Pueblo Cicada
07. His Silent Film
08. The Ventriloquist
09. If We Speak Quietly
10. The Weatherman
11. Namaskar

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