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Kylesa - Time Will Fuse Its Worth

It would seem that those who were skeptical of Kylesa's experimental aspirations on their past efforts are about to have a few of their ribs broken. With a line-up that now boasts two separate drummers, Kylesa emphatically create a sickeningly dense wall of sound that mixes together elements of prog, stoner rock, metal and punk like a biker does a batch of speed in a trailer park drug lab.

In fact, those who found Mastodon's "Blood Mountain" too brainy should look no further, as "Time Will Fuse Its Worth" just might be your ticket to a higher ground. Whether it be the progressive musicianship, thick, soupy distorted guitars, instinctively harsh vocals or the police baton-like beating conjured up by the rhythm section, this album packs a mean punch.

Where most bands would stay relatively clean-cut and piercing, Kylesa instead offer up a dirtier, duller approach to thinking mans metal. Astonishingly enough, this sloppier style works perfectly, allowing the band to jam and stretch out their legs in the toxic sludge they ritualistically spew out. The good thing about this is they allow their ideas to mutate, rather than immediately amputate them, and thus there is more satisfaction involved when the payoff to a build-up finally reaches critical mass.

Of course, without some clarity things can tend to get sluggish and it can take awhile for the band to find the right gear and uproot themselves from the muck. But even with the tendency to linger, "Time Will Fuse Its Worth" still captures enough dynamic energy and honesty to inspire and please. The fact that it doesn't resort to space-filling caterwauling or overtly pretentious dexterity to do so is just the icing on the swamp.

(4 / 5)


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Time Will Fuse Its Worth

01. Intro
02. What Becomes An End
03. Hollow Severer
04. Where The Horizon Unfolds
05. Between Silence And Sound
06. Intermission
07. Identity Defined
08. Ignoring Anger
09. The Warning
10. Outro

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