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Kruger - Redemption Through Looseness

While Kruger have freely admitted to being inspired by the likes of Breach, Neurosis, Tool and more, there is no need to ring the 'Neurisis' alarm here. In fact, if anything Kruger sound more like a band attempting to reach the summit of 'Blood Mountain' with only anger, instead of LSD, to fuel them on.

An abundance of wide-open grooves make for a perilous listen that sees the bands faint prog elements emerge as complementary foliage rather than pragmatic fundamentals. The vocals are brashly belted out like a war-cry from "300" and there is nary a metalcore cliche in sight. Instead the listener is treated to intelligent musicianship with a fine balance between intricate playing and bruise-inducing chug being struck.

That's not to say there aren't moments where the band delve deep into droning psychedelia, because that is about 70% of what Kruger do. But they approach it in a way where it isn't entirely overbearing and generally avoid marathon-length dirges - keeping the listener fresh and invigorated; especially with their generous amount of loose hulking riffs and unwavering aggression. It may not be entirely innovative, but "Redemption Through Looseness" is still an album summed up by its rather odd title.

(4 / 5)


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Redemption Through Looseness

01. Ammunition Matters
02. Queen Of The Meadow
03. The Graveyard Party
04. Hummers Vs Pedestrians
05. Holy Fire
06. Army Of Lovers
07. War & Wine
08. The Cowboy Song
09. Crusaders

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