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Kaddisfly - Set Sail The Prairie

No matter how you slice it, dividing an album up into summer and winter solstices and devoting each track to a calendar month on the album art is quite blatant, even when dealing with an outright concept album. However, while the move does seem pretentious, Kaddisfly thankfully don't follow the same route of spelling everything out with their music as well.

A rich textured listen, "Set Sail The Prairie" falls in line with the same abstract prog-rock tendencies of the bands past output. Dreamy soundscapes, transcendent harmonizing and ever-shifting waves of lush instrumentation are all accounted for. However, while these are familiar traits for the band, there is a considerable change present this time out.

Sadly this change isn't so much for the better. While on a larger scale it does seem somewhat subtle, it's hard to ignore just how pop-punk the groups music has become, especially with the far more syrupy choruses and bouncy verses. What this amounts to is a somewhat unsettling combination. Sure Fall Out Boy it is not, but there are moments when it'd be hard not to make such a mistake; that is if the instrumentation wasn't so steeped in the dredg/At The Drive-In school of thought.

Accessible and intellectual content are rarely paired this close, and for good reason. For the balance and dilution issues that occur make for a rather uneven listen when both sides collide head-on. Basically, not everyone can handle a 100 degree afternoon in the middle of a cold winter day, though it can be a welcome change at times.

(3.5 / 5)


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Set Sail The Prairie
Hopeless/Sub City

01. Summer Solstice
02. Campfire
03. Waves
04. Harbor
05. Birds
06. Clouds
07. Empire
08. Winter Solstice
09. Snowflakes
10. Via Rail
11. Silk Road
12. Mercury
13. Clockwork
14. Forest

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