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Himsa - Summon Thunder

Let's face it, no one is surprised anymore when a metalcore band loses a member, or when it comes to the case of Himsa's career, many members. But "Summon In Thunder", Himsa's latest Swede/Bay Area-inspired slab of thrashy metal, and first for new label Century Media, does pack a startle. That is the return of original guitarist Sammi Curr - a man whose input and ability was sorely missed on 2006's "Hail Horror".

With the team of Curr and guitarist Kirby Johnson once again reunited; "Summon In Thunder" not only calls down the noise, but also a torrential downpour of intricate riffing clever enough to wash away the stilted approach that bogged down "Hail Horror". In fact, thanks to the lively performance executed by the duo "Summon In Thunder" is also able to modestly escape the confines of metalcore basics and propel the band towards thrash metal glory.

Whether or not they have enough creativity in the tank to make it to that final podium is dicey situation however. The band possess the chops and intensity, but they also have a penchant for merely emulating the countless speed/thrash metal cassette mix tapes that were traded around the Bay Area of California in the mid-80's as well. That said, those who aren't well versed in metal's history will surely be blown away by the unrelenting onslaught this band unleash. But those who've studied up will probably be left feeling more nostalgic than anything else.

(3.5 / 5)


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Summon Thunder
Century Media

01. Reinventing The Noose
02. Haunter
03. Big Timber
04. Given In To The Taking
05. Skinwalkers
06. Curseworship
07. Hooks As Hands
08. Ruin Them
09. Den Of Infamy
10. Unleash Carnage
11. Summon In Thunder

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