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He Is Legend - Suck Out The Poison

If Every Time I Die fired the targeting shot as to where post-metalcore bands were headed with "Gutter Phenomenon", then "Suck Out The Poison" is the destructive bombardment that follows it up. A feverishly energetic foray into poignantly aggressive rock, this effort comes stacked with riffs and vocals as biting as the bands snarky attitude - yet generally avoids the pretentiousness that accompanies such traits.

Taking on a heavier tone than the bands previous outing, the group have generously refined their tastes and increased their anger quotient. This works to their advantage as their creative hostility sidesteps the standard metalcore thuggery in favor of progressively clever instrumentation and colorful fairy tale themed lyrics. In fact, rather than flail the listener with only big meaty riffs, the band build up the bulk of their tension through the subtlety and nuances of the rhythm section instead.

Thankfully, they have also cleaned up their melodic tendencies as well. Where in the past the clean singing and instrumental harmonizing would surface with a bratty emocore air, it now emerges with a prog rock/post-hardcore demeanor. This means more intellectual involvement and maturity surfaces and definitively bumps up the albums longevity.

For as varied and quirky as the groups approach can be though, there still seems to be defined limits as to how far they will go in each song. This is a shame, especially given the depth they display in the included instrumental track, "Cannonball Hands (The Tomato Parade)". Aside from that, the only other real annoyance present here is the soulful female vocals wailing out of control on the albums closing track, for "Gimmie Shelter" it is not; even if the rest of the album is welcome respite from the outbreak of the metalcore disease.

(4 / 5)


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He Is Legend
Suck Out The Poison
Solid State

01. Dixie Wolf (The Seduction Of...)
02. Attack Of The Dungeon Witch
03. Suck Out The Poison
04. Mushroom River
05. Opening
06. China White II
07. Serpent Throat
08. Eletronic Throat
09. Stampede
10. The Widow Of Magnolia
11. The Pot Bellied Goddess
12. Cannonball Hands (The Tomato Parade)
13. Goldie's Torn Locks
14. (((Louds

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