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Full Blown Chaos - Heavy Lies The Crown

Theoretically if you took a 7" of one of Hatebreed's latest tracks and cranked up the rpm's a bit you'd get a pretty close representation of what Full Blown Chaos are doing here on their Ferret debut, "Heavy Lies The Crown". An amalgamation of punchy Slayer thrash, chugging Pantera shove and sweat-laden NYHC; aural punishment is this albums specialty.

However, this often goes both ways. While "Heavy Lies The Crown" is gloriously intense with vein-popping ferocity entrenched behind every riff and wrenched vocal, it still fails to elevate the band past the metalcore standard. The songwriting focuses more on brutish aggression than depth or creativity and while some deftly thrashy numbers may cause a few whiplash lawsuits; the bulk of this album is a bit too workman-like to break any barriers - though noses and knuckles are another story.

Still, while it may not be a revelation for the genre as a whole, the band themselves have definitely honed their metal chops and this alone does exhibit some astute personal progression. But with a lack of inquisitive song writing and a tendency to just continually bash in the listeners skull with a stampede of double kick, lunging riffs and barked vocals, it doesn't take long for tunnel vision to sit in. It's only on tracks like "Halo For Heroes" where the all too short Kerry King-styled solos emerge that the monotony is broken up, proving that Full Blown Chaos aren't ready for the throne just yet.

(2.5 / 5)


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Full Blown Chaos
Heavy Lies The Crown
Ferret Music

01. Firefight
02. Hard Goodbye
03. Halos for Heroes
04. Fail Like a Champ
05. Heavy Lies The Crown
06. Over The End
07. No Last Call
08. All for Nothing
09. Raise Hell
10. Standpoint
11. Mojave Red, Pt. 1
12. Mojave Red, Pt. 2

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