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Fjord - Lives Lives

Those who've had the urge to cut their ears off with a band saw that's missing teeth but never had the means to do so need look no further, for Fjord have arrived. Their Eulogy debut "Lives Lives" is a passionate, sometimes grueling look into the tortured world of noise-laden metal that groups like Botch, Converge and even Coalesce helped to pioneer.

Aided by an abusive amount of sonic violence performed with an arsenal of dulled weaponry, Fjord unload the same amount of raging aggression as any of their above-mentioned peers; but they do so without the breakneck guitar work or razor-sharp precision. Instead, they prefer a more methodical, mid-tempo pace that lingers and lumbers on, allowing for substantial breathing room.

Thanks to the included atmospherics and instrumentals you have a meaty listen that would suggest that not only will there be blood left on the listeners floor, but also on the bands instruments when they tracked this outing as well. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this album though is not how wretched the bands knotted aggression can be.

But instead how much room for sonic exploration there is left for the rhythm section as a result of maintaining a pacing that is albeit slower in comparison to those who've influenced them. Even so, after a few tracks through one can't help but wish that the band would really rev the throttle and let fly as it would create for more surprise and momentum throughout the progression of the songs.

But while they may be somewhat limited in the aspects of pacing, the rest of the time they freely deliver the savage energy and overbearing heaviness necessary to get the adrenaline pumping and that in itself does much to keep the heart of "Lives Lives" beating regularly; Still, here's to hoping for some palpitations the next time around though.

(4 / 5)


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Lives Lives

01. Ascending White Mountain
02. Ferocious Were The Ghost Wolves
03. Yesteryear
04. Conundrum City
05. Vulgar
06. Dining Eith Rats
07. Feeler
08. A) Shape
09. B) Shifter
10. Travail
11. Only Time Can Tell

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