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Every Time I Die - The Big Dirty

Every Time I Die sure have some legs on them - that or some cunning foresight. For back when they were still entrenched within the metalcore ranks, who could have guessed they would successfully jump the shark with a stunning album in the form of 2005's "Gutter Phenomenon"; only to once again hurdle past their subsequent soundalikes, with this, yet another cynically brilliant salvo of acerbic screamo-laden rock n' roll.

While the bands molten aggression still seems dead set on emerging through twisting and surprisingly complicated song structures filled with numerous intricacies. It is the powerful circular riffs and the clever turns of phrase that often make "The Big Dirty" a big success. The lively energy and playfulness exercised through both uncontrollably animates not only the material featured here, but the listener into frenzied state.

Sure the rhythm section is as equally on point and has some bite of its own. But with the catchy riffs leading the charge and band frontman Keith Buckley routinely delivering a colorful snarky phrase that becomes a songs lynchpin; it's hard not to get caught up in moment. Of course the bands music may not lend itself to the punk rock of old. But the attitude and at times even idealism are heavily present here, rapidly elevating the groups southern-fried riffage past the 70's rock revivalism with face searing intensity.

With all this considered it doesn't take long to realize "The Big Dirty" is an unpredictably vulgar display of piss and vinegar. Creative, hooky and surprisingly invigorating, Every Time I Die are quickly cementing themselves as not only frontrunners of an emerging style, but also as fore bearers as well. The only issues with "The Big Dirty" are its brevity and a select few songs that don't capture the imagination quite as well as the numerous standout tracks do. Even so, "The Big Dirty" could very well be the long-lasting stain that finally sees metalcore get thrown in the wash.

(4.5 / 5)


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Every Time I Die
The Big Dirty

01. No Son Of Mine
02. Pigs Is Pigs
03. Leatherneck
04. We'rewolf
05. Rebel Without Applause
06. Cities And Years
07. Rendez-Voodoo
08. A Gentlemans Sport
09. Inrihab
10. Depressionista
11. Buffalo Gals
12. Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Battery

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