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Ektomorf - Outcast

There's something indescribable that happens when listening to not only this latest release from Ektomorf, but also pretty much any of their recent output. For while the band are practically a tribute band to Sepultura's mid-90's heydays with a bit of chunky Soulfly aggression thrown in, they still provide enough motivation for a solid case of whiplash.

Truly a double-edged sword for the band to tred, they instantly sound familiar and thus somewhat mediocre in the same instant. If one is able to put aside the fact that this is not Max Cavalera and co. ripping through the included 12 tracks, then it is quite easy to be sucked into the very direct lyrics and stomping grooves contained within. However, with the lack of ethnic instrumentation which the aforementioned Brazilian pioneers used to add depth and break up the otherwise simplistic songwriting, it's not long before "Outcast" simply gets stuck in a rut.

For you see Ektomorf have everything about Sepultura down except the uniqueness and impressive technical feats - most particularly in the drumming department. Everything here is built to spec and yet one can't help but notice the rather generic nature to it all. That said, it's still enticing and will rile up anyone who longs for a taste of the metal of the mid-90's era that sprouted up just before nu-metal hit, but those wanting something inventive or even remotely challenging should steer far and clear.

(2.5 / 5)


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Nuclear Blast

01. Outcast
02. I Choke
03. Ambush In The Night
04. I'm Against
05. We Rise
06. Red I
07. Who Can I Trust (Prayer)
08. Leave Me Alone
09. Fuel My Fire
10. I Confront The Enemy
11. Hell Is Here
12. Chamunda

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