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East Of The Wall - Farmer's Almanac

To trace the infectious-like growth that began when The Postman Syndrome originally disseminated into Day Without Dawn, Biclops, East Of The Wall and whatever else, is a task best left for a Wikipedia poster with a penchant for genealogy. Instead be sure that this outfit comes from the same stock as the aforementioned acts and continues the same forward thinking musical acuity.

As with past releases, East Of The Wall remain an almost entirely instrumental affair. This allows the band to fully explore an intrinsic and starkly progressive course without having to make way for choruses and the like. Often chaotic in a sense, the music crafted here is wiry and flush with layers of depth while still being immediately vibrant and lively.

When the band reach a climactic peak, the listener is either catapulted to a new level of intensity or left to spiral downwards through another gripping, thought provoking passage. Melodies are tempered into careening metal, slow build-up's reveal moments of beautifully serene clarity and patience dictates a steady pace.

That in itself will be the deal breaker for those who either fall in line behind this band or move on to more conventional pastures. For as the groups focus remains rock solid, this also means that some parts will intentionally begin to weigh heavy on the listener before emerging in a new form. While this may sound formulaic in a sense, the bands approach is seemingly subconscious in attaining such a pronounced sonic lucidity.

Angular harmonies and metallic aggression rarely intersect this gracefully and the skill with which they are melded here is a testament to this bands instinct. It's not for everyone, but fans of groups like The Fall Of Troy, Pelican and of course East Of The Wall's pedigree will likely be enjoying this 'almanac' from cover to cover.

(4 / 5)


East Of The Wall
Farmer's Almanac
Forgotten Empire

01. Meat Pendulum
02. Winter Breath
03. Century Of Excellence
04. Switchblade Knife
05. Clowning Achievement
06. Unwanted Guest (I)
07. Unwatned Guest (II)
08. I Am Crying Nonstop Hysterically

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