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Droid - Droid

If their previous iteration as a rapcore band a few years back didn't warrant an investigation from the local scene police, then Droid should probably be free to leave their county. Now older and wiser and also the flagship act on Emotional Syphon Recordings, the label founded by Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer; the group have readily developed and adjusted their sound to more modern climes.

But whether or not the band has simply been following trends or has honestly matured into the groove-laden Meshuggah-lite approach taken on this self-titled effort is really a moot point. The music itself sells the band, even more so than the innocuous guest appearance from Deftones frontman Chino Moreno on "Vengeance Is Mine". A lock-tight collection of groove-laden riffage and an equally astute rhythm section are what take center stage here.

This album readily comes off as entirely modern, consistent and punchy; pouring on pounds of heaviness with some occasional - though rarely out of character, ambient exploration. The only problem is there seems to be a rather constrained songwriting formula to the band and while the intensity is retained throughout the album, the variety and subsequently, the listeners interest is not. Aside from a harmonic riff here and there it's hard to tell the difference from one track to the next and perhaps this mechanical nature is Droid's biggest trapping.

(3 / 5)


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Emotional Syphon Recordings

01. The Resurrection
02. Fueled By Hate
03. God Of Anger
04. Built To Last
05. No Gods No Masters
06. Withdrawls Of Me
07. Vengeance Is Mine
08. For The Following...
09. Behind Dead Eyes
10. Salt The Graves
11. Together We Die
12. My Oath

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