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Divine Heresy - Bleed The Fifth

It's a shame the public at large isn't exposed to the hype sheets that come with metal albums more often. A choice line from the accompanying sheet for "Bleed The Fifth" is "this record doesn't re-invent the wheel, it turns full cartwheels of innovation and intent." Now admittedly, with former Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares and Tim Yeung of Hate Eternal/Vital Remains fame onboard, Divine Heresy do have a wealth of talent at their disposal. But innovation and intent these days requires a little more than stripping the electronics from Fear Factory songs and adding in a harder death metal edge.

And realistically that's about all there is happening on "Bleed The Fifth" - though that's not necessarily a bad thing. With an assorted collection of riffs that sound like drill bits burrowing into the listeners skull, the songs readily pack a mechanical determination, heavy double kick drumming syncopation and throaty metalcore-ish vocals. But there are many ties to the past here, especially in the song structuring. However, rather than Burton C. Bell's operatic croons, Divine Heresy's Tommy Vext takes a similar clean vocal approach, only to be limited by his range.

Furthermore, rather than augment their songs with electronic atmosphere, the guitar work instead tries to screech out a few stilted harmonies that never quite capture the imagination. It's not that the band need to go the industrial route though; as the metal on hand here is quite ferocious and full of enough aural jackhammering to loosen a few bones form their sockets. No, the problem with "Bleed The Fifth" lies in that its songs rarely deviate from a set formula and much of it feels like it was written exactly the same as a Fear Factory record. The only difference is the resulting gaps and breaks were padded with deathcore filler, rather than dystopian electronics.

(3 / 5)


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Divine Heresy
Bleed The Fifth
Century Media

01. Bleed the Fifth
02. Failed Creation
03. This Threat Is Real
04. Impossible Is Nothing
05. Savior Self
06. Rise Of The Scorned
07. False Gospel
08. Soul Decoded (Now And Forever)
09. Royal Blood Heresy
10. Closure

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