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Dirtfedd - The American Nightmare

Anyone on the hunt for a pale modern day incarnation of American Head Charge need look no further, for Dirtfedd are here to underwhelm you. Produced by Slipknot's M. Shawn Crahan and signed to his Sopra Evil Records imprint, Dirtfedd attempt to deliver a rallying call for the American race overtop of tired nu-metal aesthetics and metalcore urgency that sounds like it was recorded on a 486.

Jagged electronics, stale riffs, tepid vocals and more all characterize this release. So do pale attempts at Killswitch Engage-like operatics, black metal inspired keys and even a Corporate Avenger-styled politically geared rant. If that mish mash looks bad on paper, it sounds even worse in audio form. The attempted moments of layered grandeur are routinely limited by thin guitar tones and strained vocals that pack little range or strength. Further exacerbating this problem are the lyrics, which venture into facepalm worthy steakhead refrains like "drink, fight, fuck, salute."

The band do deserve some respect for trying to implement a wealth of different styles into their songwriting. But their execution and implementation is so dated and underpowered that it's hard to endure more than a few minutes of this mediocrity at a time. When it comes to "The Great American Nightmare", chances are you've heard it all before, whether it have been recently or back when JNCO's were still in fashion - and it's safe to say you probably don't ever want to hear it again.

(1.5 / 5)


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The American Nightmare
Sopra Evil/E1 Music

01. Salute
02. Trained To Kill
03. Said The Spider To The Fly
04. Blues
05. The American Nightmare
06. Tonight
07. Here I Am
08. Shotgun Romance
09. Ares
10. War Criminal
11. Wasted

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