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Diecast - Internal Revolution

With much hype and fanfare, Killswitch Engage have finally returned with a new album. The only problem is that "Internal Revolution" isn't by Killswitch Engage, it just wants to be so bad that you'd almost expect a guitarist in a silly hat and a singer in blackface make-up present to continue the illusion. Not that racism is implied, but there are many moments here where Diecast show that imitation is not always flattering - even if "Internal Revolution" still remains a solid album as far as commercial metalcore goes.

While Diecast may have a new rhythm section in place, the real new addition this time out is that the bands previous hints of groups like Killswitch Engage have become full-on neon light covered billboards. Soaring, almost boastful melodic vocals saturate about 80% of the album with predictable structuring, adding a grandiose element of build-up that generally crumbles under its own weight. That's not to say frontman Stoddard is the main offender though as the rest of the band often follow suit in replicating many of the scenes current leaders as well.

Sure it may be harsh to point a finger so blatantly at the band as they too have been involved in the same Massachusetts scene that birthed KSE, Shadows Fall and many more of the current generations stars. But they also used to have a grittier vibe that was tailored more towards their own tastes. Now it is only when an occasionally thrashier part is tackled or a vicious breakdown surfaces that the Diecast of old actually show their face.

Simply put, it is really only by the quality of musicians that Diecast are that this album can remain passable. While "Internal Revolution" lacks identity, it still hits all the right notes and fills in a fashion predictable enough to satisfy the less discerning metalhead. But perhaps the next time the band want to suggest that a change has come from within through their album title, they should actually look inside themselves, rather than the back catalogue of their peers, for the inspiration.

(2.5 / 5)


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Internal Revolution
Century Media

01. Internal Revolution
02. Never Forget
03. Hourglass
04. Fractured
05. Weakness
06. Fade Away
07. Out of Reach
08. S.O.S.
09. Nothing I Could Say
10. Definition Of A Hero
11. Coldest Rain

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