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Demiricous - Two (Poverty)

The similarities to Slayer that plagued Demircious' last album "One (Hellbound)" were so great that not only did they easily make (and break) fans with it, they also impressed the likes of Slayer themselves. Thankfully then "Two (Poverty)" has enough of its own merits to begin to set the band apart from what was for most, a questionable first impression.

Don't be fooled however, the amusing thing about this album is that while it may not sound like sound like the classic Bay Area thrash and speed metal everyone is fixated on right now, it does still bear a close resemblance to Slayer - mid to late 90's Slayer that is. In fact, by interjecting a bit of punk rawness and death metal vehemence, Demiricous may have just unintentionally landed in the next goldmine of metal yore to be plundered.

That's not to say the band are uninspiring though, for Demiricous are rather astute musicians who pack a huskier and more modern zeal than one would expect. In fact, these traits are what make the explosive thrash and the like contained on this effort so endearing. Sure, it may make you want to revisit the underappreciated "Divine Intervention" and maybe even dust off "God Hates Us All", but it's also just cause for severe headbanging-induced whiplash in its own right.

(3.5 / 5)


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Two (Poverty)
Metal Blade

01. Never Enough Road
02. Expression Of Immunity To God
03. Knuckle Eye
04. Leprosaic Belief
05. Language Of Oblivion
06. Tusk And Claw
07. Appreciation For Misery
08. Engineer
09. Celebration Of Damage
10. Acid Lung
11. Stress Fetish
12. Blackish Silver

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