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Day Without Dawn - Understanding Consequences

Originally known as The Postman Syndrome and now known as Biclops, Day Without Dawn's final album, "Understanding Consequences", stands as a glowing aural cenotaph, that in a perfect world, would be paid tribute to by many. Despite the bands relative mainstream obscurity, the music they continue to create encompasses a wide palette of influences while simultaneously pushing them all forward in vast, haunting directions.

As their multiple name changes and line-up shifts could attest, the group have continued to evolve over the years and so have their songs - most of which have now taken on an almost ethereal life of their own. While the band have seen fit to indulge in some relative excess, they rarely go far enough to alienate the listener, even with stunning complexity in place. This is in part thanks to the ever-crafty rhythm section which sees deftly tapped basslines spiral in and out of focus as kinetic drumbeats continually till the foundations.

Despite its constant shifting, this strong and engaging infrastructure lends itself to a bond of solidarity between the often celestial guitar melodies and charming vocals. While these elements definitely draw favorable comparisons to that of dredg and Tool, there is far too much intoxicating emotion and artistry present to write them off as clones. Meanwhile, despite the bands luminous display of prog and technical chops, not to mention external instrumentation, they also retain a bestial edge that can erupt at any given time. Far too often bands like this fall victim to a lack of balance that leads to a schizophrenic rigidity.

Day Without Dawn on the other hand have hit a near-perfect mixture that fully envelops the listener in waves of ethereal melody and jaw-dropping beauty. They can just as easily astound with a bare bones The Police-styled arrangement as they can bruise with a beefy metal-laden pummeling. Bored of metalcore, deathcore and the 'neurisis'? Look no further for "Understanding Consequences" is practically essential listening to maintain sanity and hope for music in 2008.

(5 / 5)


Day Without Dawn
Understanding Consequence
Forgotten Empire Records

01. The Wake
02. After The Banquet
03. The Sea Of Fertility
04. Seducing The Dead
05. The Deeper Wells
06. A Cruel Statue
07. A Fast-Paced Futuristic Thrill Ride
08. The Second To Last Page
09. Your Diminutive Hand
10. The Undertide

Day Without Dawn's Official Website


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