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Cursed - III: The Architects Of Troubled Sleep

Cursed's unrelenting virulence has yet to offset the stereotypical politeness Canadians are branded with, but damned if they don't try. While there has been some subtitle deviation in the bands album naming scheme this time out, the music itself remains business as usual. A raw gritty downwash of acidic guitars, bestial vocals and crushing rhythmic intensity that revels in conveying evil intentions. Simply put, Cursed continue their reign as one of Canada's most vicious exports.

As evidenced by their "Blackout At Sunrise" EP, Cursed haven't been sitting on their laurels however and while the group still sonically resemble the blackened fury of a gutter dwelling Converge, their interest in sludge and ambient experimentation has begun to seep through the cracks more and more. In turn, while generally an unrelenting metallic juggernaut of an album, "III: The Architects Of Troubled Sleep" has some much-appreciated depth and downtime.

Unlike most bands who get the itch to broaden their horizons, Cursed shift the balance towards doing what they do best, utterly tearing the listeners face off track after track. But with the added maturity and the occasionally explorative breather, their malevolence now takes on a more human nature, making it even deadlier. Routinely harsh and discordant, the fury that this band so ably capture remains intoxicating, authentic and pumped straight from their bitter, diseased hearts.

(4 / 5)


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III: The Architects Of Troubled Sleep

01. Architects Of Troubled Sleep
02. Night Terrors
03. Magic Fingers
04. Antihero Resuscitator
05. Friends In The Music Business
06. Into the Hive
07. III
08. Unnecessary Person
09. Hegel's Bastards
10. Dead Air At The Pulpit
11. Gutters

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