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Chimaira - Resurrection

Sometimes the title of an album says it all. Having ended an unhappy relationship with former label Roadrunner and survived "Some Kind Of Monster"-like inner-band conflicts; Chimaira have returned with a new outlook and a renewed vitality on "Resurrection", this time with Ferret Records footing the bill. If that wasn't enough to bring a smile to their grim faces, this effort also marks the return of the bands original drummer Andols Herrick. A man whose impressive playing provides the heavy machinery integral to support this latest undertaking.

As evidenced by the blunt lyrical content of the album's title track and the autobiographical "Six", Chimaira have weathered some tough times and it is their sense of vindication for having come through it all that sets the tone of this record. Indulging themselves in enough ambiance and varied songwriting this time around to sidestep the current trends, the group unleash an array of tracks that are experimental for the band as a whole, yet stick to a core vision.

Sure there's still heavy elements of thrash, death metal, grind and to a lesser extent even grunge; but there's also enough symphonic elements and haunting ambiance present to cater to black metal fans and a nine inch nails-reminiscent electrical overload ("Killing The Beast") as well. These new additions, while instantly recognizable as new ground to older fans of the band, sound mature and honest, showcasing actual growth rather than a flimsy cash-in.

Tack on some sharp songwriting that sees breakdowns take on a life of their own rather than give the singer an excuse to down a beer, plus the searing riffage featured on propulsive tracks like "Empire" and "Needle" and Chimaira have clearly come into their own. That's not to say they have delivered their defining album though. The track "End It All" does seem kind of weak in comparison to the other songs and there are times where the solos could be pared down length wise or some more melodic vocals could be beneficial. But as it stands, this beast of an album marks the start of what is hopefully 2007's metal (without the core) revival.

(4 / 5)


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01. Resurrection
02. Pleasure In Pain
03. Worthless
04. Six
05. No Reason To Live
06. Killing The Beast
07. The Flame
08. End It All
09. Black Heart
10. Needle
11. Empire

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