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Cassius - I Am Jim Jones

Few bands can claim that they've truly gone homeless to further their craft but Cassius are one of them. It is by no surprise then that such determination is also conveyed throughout their Lifeforce debut "I Am Jim Jones"; a frenzied assault that is part metalcore, part noise and pretty much all on ferocity.

While the instrumentation is surprisingly expansive and even segues into some ambient piano-led interludes, it is the vocals of band frontman Myke Terry that faithfully conveys the bands seething conviction. Screamed and shouted like a maniac strangling a microphone, it doesn't take long for the the blood, sweat and tears put into this outfit to wash over the listener. Fierce Meshuggah-lite riffing ala A Life Once Lost are paired with surprisingly tame charming melodies underneath. It's all very subtle mind you, but it still adds intellectual dignity to what is otherwise a savage beatdown.

Sadly though, for all the groups unhinged ravings and Burnt By The Sun meets Converge crash and burn mania, there are some shortcomings that do hold them back. The predominant lack of hooky grooves tends to see them grinding on like a bunch of broken gears. If that wasn't enough, they rarely reach the white hot speeds necessary to fully capitalize upon their own depraved wretchedness. Instead it all comes off as a bit too ambitious and maybe even clumsy in the songwriting department. Sure a cathartic experience is guaranteed, but it isn't mesmerizing enough for cult status just yet.

(3 / 5)


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I Am Jim Jones

01. Semitone
02. Homeauxthug
03. Skingraft
04. Home
05. Flight Of The Failure
06. Tale Of The Leper
07. Deadbeat
08. Elate And Subtract
09. Funeral March
10. Belle Gunness
11. Harmony
12. Nickel And Dime

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