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bloodsimple. - Red Harvest

While the faithful continue to hold a vigil for any signs of another Vision Of Disorder reunion, bloodsimple. continue to march on to their own beat. As was learned with the formers "From Bliss To Devastation", frontman Tim Williams and guitarist Mike Kennedy enjoy taking risks and "Red Harvest" is no exception. Name another modern metal band ballsy enough to start an album off with a repurposing of lyrics from The Doors' "The End" or title a serious track "Dark Helmet".

Still, the continual evolution of the bands direction isn't so much the strongest point of this album as is the familiarity the group now seem to have with each other. Where their debut "A Cruel World" often felt like the band weren't entirely on the same page, much of "Red Harvest" sees the band reading along in unison. Shouting along the loudest is of course is Williams whose continual aggression and surly reflection pack as much visceral intensity as they do years of damage.

The rest of the band follow his cue with fairly large riffs and steady modern metal lurches. An abundance of heaviness is offered as the group rip and tear through a number of the tracks included in stylistic fashion, even though there's a certain lack of danger to some of the tracks (see ballads.) As destructive as the music is though, there seems to be a habitual tendency to segue into a bruising chorus or some spoken word that packs an all too similar flavor from track to track.

While this does help to accentuate Williams' blunt force vocals and is a welcome change of pace from the 'core' fundamentals that have taken precedence for nearly everyone else; it also often sees the band fall somewhere in-between the radio safety of Disturbed and the slick motor revving of Devildriver. It's not the fault of the bands conviction though, as the material does have a raw edge to it. It's just that after they put the same sickle to use over and over again it all becomes a bit dull, though it sure does yield a surprisingly diverse harvest.

(3.5 / 5)


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Red Harvest

01. Ride With Me
02. Red Harvest
03. Dark Helmet
04. Dead Man Walking
05. Out To Get You
06. Suck It Up
07. Death From Above
08. Whiskey Bent And Hellbound (Hellmyr)
09. Killing Time
10. Truth (Thicker Than Water)
11. Numina Infuscata

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