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Bloodjinn - This Machine Runs On Empty

Bloodjinn may have gotten lost in the metalcore surge early on in their career, but this latest outing quickly proves not to count them out yet. Sporting a beefier production job and a refined sound; these gents (who now feature former He Is Legend guitarist McKenzie Bell in their line-up) have ramped up nearly all aspects of their craft to deliver an album that could admirably hold its own in the ring with the latest from Unearth and God Forbid.

Such a feat is largely achieved by the instrumental development the band pour into their songcraft. The part changes, while numerous, aren't merely cobbled together. In fact, there's an actual sense of growth to each of them as they cohesively transition and thus the music actually invokes some feeling rather than resort to cut and paste murderous rage. Refreshingly enough they don't always segue to the balls out melodic chorus either. Thus, when the rare few clean sung moments do take place, they are done so with dignity and conviction.

Sure Bloodjinn do use a number of proven metalcore ingredients (thrash, melodic death metal and brute force vocals) to express themselves and what they come up with as a result may not be entirely original. But with the strength of the material on hand and the refusal to follow the standardized trends (though the spoken word afterthoughts are pushing it), it's clear these boys haven't taken handouts from Myspace's ongoing metalcore welfare line.

There's still drawkbacks of course, one being that it's tough for the group to differentiate themselves entirely from their peers - even if they do deliver a performance in the same caliber. The vocals also could stand to be a touch more robust as their treble-heavy retching can become monotonous and limited after a few songs. Still, while metalcore is gasping on fumes, its good to see bands like Bloodjinn already getting the hell out of dodge with a full tank of high octane.

(4 / 5)


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This Machine Runs On Empty

01. In The First Degree
02. Break The Silence
03. Mirrored Human
04. Truth Within
05. Moment Of Clarity
06. This Machine Runs On Empty
07. Unloved
08. Maker
09. Inhale Exhale
10. See Through

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